Operational Intelligence Platform For Optimization of Water Treatment


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This technology is addressing an industry focused need in the water, wastewater and desalination treatment space. The company's technology developed through 6 years of research and development provides an innovative cloud-based platform for optimisation of water treatment activities.

The technology is available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). The cloud-based platform is capable of ingesting and aggregating data flows across a treatment facility to provide real-time, proactive operating instructions to minimize energy and chemical consumption, increase equipment life, and mitigate plant downtime.

The technology platform is plant-agnostic and uses available infrastructure and sensors, process models (digital twinning) and proprietary hybrid algorithms (combination of physics-based and machine learning techniques) to optimize plant processes across the entire facility rather than just one-unit process.


While unit process optimization is commonplace in the industry, the technology adopts a holistic approach to plant optimization (from intake to discharge) using proprietary hybrid models which combine fundamental water science-based models with deep learning techniques.

The technology provides precise feedback and instructions to operators in real-time, e.g. process diagnostics issue, actions to mitigate future system upsets, and dynamic control suggestions to optimize holistic plant performance.

It is technology agnostic (compatible with any PLC or SCADA system) allowing for integration without disruption or plant retrofit.

The technology can be implemented in a matter of weeks with no additional instrumentation or upfront customer capital expenditures (CapEx).

Three product tiers are available for customers at different phases of maturity in terms of digital infrastructure or instrumentation:

  • L1 - Data centralization, remote monitoring, smart troubleshooting and reporting tools
  • L2 - Process-specific diagnostic tools and risk mitigation (operational coaching) system
  • L3 - Predictive maintenance and optimization (control suggestions) tools 

The technology comes with an intuitive and holistic decision support dashboard that facilitates the work activities of plant owners and operators in optimizing the plant's consumption of energy, usage of chemical quantities for water treatment etc.


The technology is developed to be utilised in municipal and industrial water treatment and desalination facilities.

It supports membrane systems, biological, chemical and thermal treatment processes and rotary equipment.


Current deployments and feasibility studies have shown 3-15% operational expenditure (OpEx) savings, ~20% reductions in plant downtime, and 3-15% increases in equipment life.

Benefits are subject to evaluation and available instrumentation/lab tests.

Pricing is determined on a 2x-10x return on investment (ROI) based off the monthly subscription fee.

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