Non-Invasive, Non-Toxic Encapsulation Technology to Prolong Effects of Leave-on Products


Personal Care - Cosmetics & Hair
Personal Care - Fragrances
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This encapsulation technology seeks to enhance and prolong the intended effects of leave-on products to maximize the benefits of the active ingredients and reduce the frequency of applications. No chemical modification of active ingredients required, non-irritating to skin and non-corrosive to surface, the offered technology is obtained through a one-pot simplified encapsulation process and can be used in water-based and various other formulations such as spray, gel, paste or cream.



In current market, the most common approach to improve adhesion of active ingredients onto the surface is by chemically bonding the actives on the surface. However, this bonding process is invasive and is not suitable for applications used on skin. Furthermore, chemical modification of active ingredients can affect their effectiveness/function.

On the contrary, our technology uses non-toxic and environmental friendly polymeric binders to form interlocking network to bind active ingredients firmly onto the surface, thus prolonging adhesion and retention of active ingredients on the applied surface. The bonding process is non-invasive and does not involve chemical reaction, therefore can be applied on skin. The active ingredients are also not chemically modified to preserve its original effectiveness/function.

Encapsulation technology is customisable for use in various forms of formulation such as water-based, spray, gel, cream, and paste. It does not chemically modify the active ingredients and requires only minimal modification to existing formulation. The technology is extremely gentle, non-irritating to the skin and non-corrosive to surfaces and can be washed off the surface with just water and gentle soap/detergent. Without extensively abusing the surfaces, the encapsulated active ingredients can easily last through normal daily tasks/activities.

Technology will be offered as a concentrate which can be incorporated into various formulations.


  • Hand sanitizers, disinfectant, pest control/repellent, fabric & shoe care – TRL 9
  • Skincare, cosmetic, haircare, fragrances, throat/mouth spray, odour removal, topical pain relief – TRL 6-7

Market Trends & Opportunities

Leave-on products cover a wide range of markets and industries. Among these sectors, several of the larger and more applicable ones to our technology are listed below:

  • Skincare, USD$134.8 bn in 2018
  • Fragrances, USD$70.7 bn in 2018
  • Deodorant, USD$22.54 bn in 2018
  • Mouth Freshener, USD$12.31 bn in 2018
  • Mosquito repellent, USD$4.1 bn in 2020
  • Topical pain relief, USD$7.48 bn in 2017

With every of the listed market size valued over USD$ 1 billion dollars, our technology has the potential to create tremendous impact. Furthermore, after surveying over 200 leave-on products, over 95% of them do not include any active adhesion/retention mechanism to prolong the active ingredients deposited on the applied surface. To compensate wear and tear, most products rely on the approach of multiple applications to ensure effective dose of active ingredients are present on the surface.


Brand owner and manufacturer:

  • No modification to active ingredients is required
  • Minimum change to existing formulation
  • May potentially lead to lower cost due to lower active ingredient dosage


  • Maximize beneficial effects of active ingredients
  • Reduce frequency of applications, saving time and money especially if products are costly
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