Plant Biometric and Environment Monitoring System


Infocomm - Smart Cities
South Korea


The proposed technology relates to micro-sensors embedded on needle probes that can be implanted into plant stems to measure electrical conductivity and sap fluid flow speed, with minimum harm or stress to the plant. The goal of technology is to monitor health state of urban trees and agricultural products with the sensor, e.g. integrated micro-sensor for full feedback control of irrigation in advanced hydroponics to achieve zero drain rate with improved quality of fruits or leafy green. The microsensor can be used six times longer than other commercial products. It uses LoRa communication method which makes it highly scalable. It can overcome the limitations of current smart farm technology in which rely on manual adjustment sensor control system. By using this technology, it is likely to increase income and improve quality, reduce labour and minimise environmental pollution. The technology provider is seeking a partner in Singapore to collaborate for a test bedding project in validating the proposed sensor technology.


Able to detect key physiological variables such as sap fluid flow rate and electrical conductivity of a plant accurately Provide real-time monitoring of state of health for trees and crops Provide monitoring of insects or pests Minimal impact to the plant during installation Reduced heat generation during measurement (not more than five times that of commercial products) Extended service life: Approximately 6 months (six times more than market products) Applicable for production crops Wired or wireless sensor available Output: Temperature Range: 0.001-5mm/s Adjustment: 100µm/s Reaction time: 20s Number of channels: 4 Limited heat generation (increase of 2-4°C relative to ambient temperature, 5 times better performance than other products) Extended sensor service life (reusable) Multiple sensors can be applied simultaneously Low power LoRa communication Long-distance communication (open area): radius of 10km Long range communication (city area): radius of 3km Long-distance communication (ground-underground): radius of 500m Customisable outgoing communications


The goal of the technology is to monitor the health state of urban trees and green areas with the developed sensor. By applying this technology on the greens around city, and to agricultural products on farms, the users will be able to maximise productivity, prevent pests, and reduce pesticide use to prevent environmental pollution


Provide high precision sensors and farming solutions for advanced agriculture and research in various needs. The micro-sensor can be installed in the form of individual sensors and integrated sensor control systems to provide real smart farm solutions to farmers and research institutes
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