Distributed LiDAR




LiDAR is an optical sensor for distance measurement and has become an indispensable sensor in the visual perception system of autonomous mobile robots and driverless ground and aerial vehicles. The existing commercial LiDARs have limited field of view (FoV). This shortcoming makes a single unit of these LiDARs incapable of seeing the entire immediate space around the robot or vehicle. Setup using multiple-LiDAR for complete coverage, is costly (even costlier than the vehicle in many cases), and is visually unpleasant. In the case of drones, where 3D collision avoidance is a basic and critical functionality, the limited space and onboard resources, and the complex geometry of the machine makes it impossible to use the existing sensors for omnidirectional collision avoidance. Our patented distributed LiDAR technology incorporates optical fibers to deliver light to the desired spots over the surface of the vehicle, and therefore it enables omnidirectional visibility. It is motorless and super light-weight. Besides distance, the sensor can sense color and the temperature too.


Features: Unlike the existing LiDARS in the market, one unit of this sensor can scan the entire field of view. Distributed LiDAR can optionally sense color and temperature too. Distributed sensor (fiber optic probes) can be embedded into the body of the platform. Uniform scan across all directions is possible. The density can be customized in different directions. It is motorless so it is insensitive to vibration It is motorless so it causes no vibration Probe’s lifetime is not affected by moisture or sunlight Very cost effective since one sensor covers the entire space around the vehicle It is visually pleasant since it is hidden in the body of the carrier. Technical Specifications: distance coverage: 2.5m with potential to extend further sampling rate: 10Hz. Type of photodetector used: SPAD (single photon avalanche diode) Resolution/Accuracy: 1mm reading resolution and 1cm accuracy Power: The sensor has built-in battery (optional) which recharges through USB. It could also be powered via carrier equipment for operation Communication: Option of USB RS-232 (wired option) or Bluetooth RS-232 (wireless option). WLAN and RS-485 could be provided on request


This product is the ONLY practical solution for drones (UAVs) for “omnidirectional collision avoidance”. Precise distance and temperature reading (self-calibrated) makes it the perfect solution for thermal screening. Coverage of the entire field of view (all the blind spots) makes this sensor the perfect solution for autonomous automotive tasks such as autonomous parking sensory system. Flexible structure of the sensor makes it a perfect solution as a “safety curtain with the desired geometry” for industrial robots. Embedding the sensor in the platform structure (drone, car, service robot, etc.) make it an aesthetically solution


Distributed LiDAR is an optical sensor that measures the distance from the surrounding objects, through the entire field of view. This sensor incorporates optical fibers for delivery and collection of light. In addition to distance, the sensor could be used for sensing color and temperature.