Interconnected Virtual Platform to Create Immersive 3D Content for Sharing via URL




Problem Online presence is an important aspect of promoting businesses and connecting businesses with their customers. Websites are restricted to two-dimensional webpages while vying for the attention of potential customers. No easy way exists to stand out among competitors within similar industries. Solution An Interconnected Virtual Platform (IVP) where businesses can add, edit, and manage content in a three-dimensional virtual environment, which can then be shared and experienced via an URL on any desktop browser. Before the digital world existed, brick and mortar stores thrived, all business information is displayed on a physical display and products exists as physical items. Interconnected Virtual Platform (IVP) aims to replicate this experience in the current digital age by empowering businesses to reshape their strategies to meet modern-day consumer demands. This technology is relevant to business owners and industry leaders who wish to experience how an Interconnected Virtual Platform (IVP) can transform an industry by the way information is presented in a virtual scene.


The technology, Interconnected Virtual Platform (IVP) consists of 4 different tools: 1.       CREATOR – responsible for the building and construction of a virtual scene from scratch 2.       MANAGER – add, edit and modify triggers (interactions that respond on mouse click) in a scene, some examples of interactions that can be triggered include: Images Audio clips Waypoints (direct visitors to a specific position or camera view) Virtual Guided Paths (the concept of joining dots in a 3D space to form a path) 3.      EDITOR – enable the user to edit and manage contents being displayed in a virtual scene 4.      VIEWER – an interactive renderer that runs on web browsers to allow others to view the virtual scene created by the CREATOR and managed by MANAGER. These 4 tools combine to form the Interconnected Virtual Platform (IVP). This segregation of tools can cater to different business applications and can be adapted to fit the needs of different industries. In the past decade, there have been many explorations in how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality technologies can value-add or applied to relevant industries. Current solutions in the market rely on a single tool to create, manage, and edit virtual scenes to be experienced by a viewer. This results in a costly solution that is often custom-built for a specific application or industry. Moreover, current applications often rely on expensive hardware such as virtual reality headsets which not everyone has access to.


Virtual Trade Shows Exhibition hall, booths, and product models are virtual Display items are gallery-like image display with different types of triggers Items are displayed in a gallery-like virtual space with different types of triggers Visitor can interact with display items (exhibitors) by clicking triggers added by the exhibitor (organizer) Triggers include moving to another view spot, playing uploaded audio clip, opening a URL, etc Although the main focus evaluated in this section highlights Virtual Trade Shows as the major application identified in light of the Covid-19 situation, this technology can be applied to many other industries that can benefit from the technology’s immersive digital experience such as: Virtual Supermarkets Virtual Shopping Malls Virtual Product Showrooms Virtual Retail Shop Virtual Property Showroom Virtual Office Building We believe every application of this Interconnected Virtual Platform (IVP) has different advantages. It is our pleasure to receive your inquiry and to explore the virtual adventure with you together.


Virtual events/exhibitions are able to fulfill and exceed the needs of visitors, exhibitors, and organizers alike.  Beneficial for Three Parties  Features catered to Organizers Exhibition organizers can market the event and offer online booths in full 3D visualization A compulsory Virtual Guided Path can be set by the event/exhibition organizer to enable all visitors are brought on a designated tour before being allowed to navigate without restraints - Unrestrictive Navigation The organizer can add, edit, and manage audio clips, Virtual Guided Paths, images as well as view markers which can be catered for its Exhibitors or Visitors Effective for Exhibitors Exhibitors decorate their virtual booths with photo-realistic like rendering to save huge cost Exhibitors have the option to retain and own a virtual booth that can be hosted on their websites or be reused for future exhibitions Attractive to Visitors An immersive and brand new experience for visitors Different ways to explore an event - Virtual Guided Paths, Unrestrictive Navigation in the virtual event Multilanguage support enable visitors from all around the world to attend an event - text and audio information input by Organizers or Exhibitors are automatically translated Visitors can save time and money for traveling to attend physical events/exhibitions