Fully Automated Mass-Rearing Technology And Software For Edible Insect Industry




Market of insect powder products is growing rapidly and demand for controlled & safe ingredient is high. Our software & digitalised technology provides effective scalable method for a standardised production of high-quality biomass from crickets and grasshoppers. Automated technology and preprogrammed software are measuring & controlling all the processes - feeding, farming, breeding and production. AI based software is the key differentiator and helps our clients to become the most efficient insect breeders in the world.  Our technology will produce zero waste and is following circle-economy principles. It is using green residues from local green product industries as a source and is powered by renewable energy. All production leftovers will be used as an organic fertiliser.  Our technology allows every fish farm, poultry farm or food ingredient producer to produce sustainable animal protein by themselves without being an entomologist.


Our software controlled technology allows to automate: supply - feed & water measuring - temperature, moisture, CO2, weight, feed quality, final product (insect powder) quality processes - cleaning, eggs laying, incubating, extinction, transport, drying, shifting, powdering, packaging Closed rearing environment allows: to farm different Orthoptera species up to 500 000 insects in one rearing unit (up to 10m3) production of 1 rearing unit - up to 1,4T/annually (dry weight) sterile & easy cleaning rearing environment durable, no side effects to insects (no plastic) cost effective solution - minimum human intervention circle economy solution  eco-friendly production zero waste production During the process we measure everything to secure a high quality – what is fed to insects, what is happening during the farming process and what is the quality of insect powder received as a product.  Farming technology is easy to scale - up to 1000 rearing units can be connected into one insect farm based on click & farm principle


Final product – the insect protein powder – can be distributed and sold on both markets – food & feed.  Our technology allows to establish scalable and effective insect farms to produce high-quality animal protein as an important ingredient for: pet food fish farms poultry and pig farms human consumption Technology is developed to provide possible scalability - farms can be established with just a few rearing units at first. Later on it is easy to scale and connect more rearing units into the farm when demand and business are growing.


The company's technology created new standards for the insect industry – meaning that every edible insect farmer/producer has a chance to base their Go-To-Market-Plan on top of our innovative technology. This allows every entrepreneur to became successful businessman in the insect industry. AI based software helps our clients to be the most efficient insect breeders in the world. Effective, sustainable & standardised production, which is based on circle-economy principles, has a big advantage on the market when competing with common animal protein products.