AI enabled Intelligent Video Analytics Platform to enhance security and safety


Infocomm - Artificial Intelligence


The solution for intelligent video analytics, which allows to improve security, safety and access control system effectiveness by using face recognition and object detection technologies in real-time. The system tracks all security and safety incidents in real time, provides full information about events that happened during the observation period, sends notifications to key security and safety employees, helps to predict possible incidents, provides analytics for improvements of the security/safety processes and more.


Personnel action control system and PPE o   Control of personal protective equipment (PPE) The system allows tracking the presence of employees at an industrial facility without a helmet, gloves, glasses, vests, respirators, masks, safety belts and other personal protective measures, depending on the instructions. In case of detecting any “inconsistency”, the system will urgently send a warning to the dispatcher’s screen in the operations centre; it will also warn the manager on the job through a notification. The system automatically stores all data about time, employee and completed action. Therefore, the solution allows dealing with non-compliance with requirements in real-time, helping prevent potential occupational accidents. This, in turn, increases the operational efficiency of the company and reduces the likelihood of reputational and economic risks for the company. o   Monitoring other potentially dangerous activities of employees The system can be trained to track any other “unwanted” actions, for example, the movement of personnel on roads, smoking, crossing the road in the wrong place and others. Access control system o   Pass for employees o   Blacklist o   Danger zones control o   Work time-tracker o   Vehicle Pass o   On-site security The system can integrate with the organisation’s current video surveillance system and track the movement of surveillance subjects and objects (for example, an undesirable individual) inside buildings and within the territory of the organisation.


The system is applicable on industrial enterprises, municipal institutions, office buildings, big events. Also, due to PPE monitoring function the decision is a perfect solution to ensure workplace safety on building sites, fabrication lines, steel, oil & gas enterprises, and other industrial environments where safety rules should be strictly followed.


·         Sites and facilities are monitored in real-time for instant violation reporting, which means better security and safety, and negative incidents are reduced to minimum. ·         High detection accuracy and automated alerts allow safety personnel to cut down on manual inspections and focus more on improving safety and security processes. ·         As safety and security are monitored in real-time, any case can be researched to identify what caused it. ·         With all video footage collected, safety and security personnel can analyze it for most common violations to develop more efficient processes and procedures. ·         The access control system with facial biometrics at a large enterprise successfully solves the problem of access control in conditions of a massive influx of people at the beginning and at the end of the work shift period. ·         Facial recognition, PPE detection will add additional level of security at checkpoints to limit access to hazardous areas. ·         Unwanted guests can be added to blacklist to prevent them from entering the territory.
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