Portable Cooling Bottle




Every year millions of dollars are spent on refrigerating cold drinks for a prolonged time and a large amount of these cold drinks are finally consumed at not so cold temperature. Consequently, the energy provided to maintain the drink at a reasonable cold temperature is in the end wasted. This problem is even more intense in Singapore due to the high demand for chilled drinks throughout the whole year. The vision of the cooling technology is that the drink needs to be cold only a few moments before it is to be consumed, thus saving the energy necessary to keep it cold for long periods of time waiting on the supermarket refrigerators. The cooling technology presents an innovative solution to achieve this ambitious goal, consisting of a self-cooled bottle integrating a thermal battery to cool down the liquid inside only when the consumer wants. Indeed for all the bottles available in the market, the liquid needs to be cooled down in advance since the current water bottles do not offer any means/option to cool the water on-the-go. Indeed, when the user refills the bottle with ambient temperature liquid/water, the water will stay warm and the bottle becomes somewhat useless in providing any thermal comfort and benefit to provide the right temperature of the water.  The technology provider is seeking co-development partners, in particular, bottled water manufactuers to bring this product to the market.


This cooling technology will radically change the way users have access to cold water when needed. It relies on a new concept of cold thermal battery, which allows to cool down water at the right temperature, anywhere and anytime without the need for electricity. It is a self-enclosed, lightweight, and durable portable unit that can be connected to any water bottle. It comes with no moving parts, it weighs less than 200g and it can store cold for several hours thanks to an innovative design which makes it impermeable to heat.


This cooling concept can fit several potential users in Sports and/or Everyday activity. Physical activity that requires endurance and long-duration exercise, such as cycling, hiking, running, etc.  In addition, everyday users who make use of normal and traditional portable water bottles could benefit from a refreshing sip of water anytime, anywhere.


Possibility to have access to Cold Water, anytime, anywhere – helps to keep the body well hydrated. Hygiene and Covidfree – no need to use a water dispenser to have access to cold water. Sustainable: no need to buy cold plastic water bottles while outside. Heat Stroke: potential to mitigate casualties due to heatstroke for outdoor activities which require long exposure to the sun. Reliable and long-lasting option, no electricity, and no moving parts.