The genuine game changer in steel darts




Darts is a great game played by millions around the globe and the market keeps growing rapidly. Due to technological limitation the world of darts divided into tech-friendly soft-tip and conventional steel-stip darts. Until now… Scolia’s mission is to tear down these walls and to bring technology to the traditional game play. Thanks to the high precision autoscoring, coordinate-based statistics, automatic calibration, online darting and to the endless possibilities via Scolia API our system is truly a game changer. The platform-independent web application allows you to connect to your Scolia setup with any smart device. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to enjoy the wide range of features of Scolia. ·         Various Types of Games ·         Play Against Computer ·         Game History ·         Advanced Analytics ·         Usage Monitoring ·         Free Software Updates The Scolia system is compatible with standard dartboards, and darts. Any pubs, sport bars, darts academies, arcades, pool salons and family homes with an existing darts setup can convert it into a smart board in no time. We are looking for licensing and distributing partners to bring this amazing piece of technology to the Asian market.


The hardware uses 3 cameras to detect throws. Currently there are 2 versions of Scolia available: ·         Scolia Pro – Robust, high-end product designed for intense, commercial use ·         Scolia Home – Light and easy to assemble product addressed to residential darters The heart of both systems is the Scolia software. We’re working constantly to enrich this state-of-the-art platform by bringing new games, services and new functionalities to our users without the necessity to download or install anything manually. Some impressive figures ·         >99.5% accuracy Scolia Home ·         >99.8% accuracy Scolia Pro ·         >600 sold units ·         18 countries ·         12.8 million throws detected The retailer price of Scolia Pro is 1449€, and for Scolia Home it is 749€


Estimated market size is in the magnitude of 10M dart players worldwide. There are approximately 5-10M dart boards sold on a yearly basis considering steel-tip only. Core applications: -          Residential use -          Office use, recreational purposes -          Sport bars, pubs, pool salons -          Interactive restaurants, board game venues -          Darts academies -          Darts leagues, competitions -          Arcades Besides the built-in games Scolia can be used as a platform to develop apps, implement new features and further games.


-          No more head counting required -          Real flow experience throughout the game -          Enhanced dynamics -          Possibility to play with friends online -          Retrofit solution -          Detailed statistics for practicing -          Access to software updates and services -          Connected experience & access to a great online community