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AI-Powered chatbot is revamping the way online communication tasks for businesses are being handled. More and more companies are adopting chatbots with the hope of delivering excellent customer service and delightful experience. However, developing a “true” language understanding agent that emulates human conversation and answers questions on complex tasks with different languages is one of the fundamental challenges in Natural Language Processing (NLP). We are putting together our existing achievements of many years’ research and development on conversation AI to provide a practical deep learning-based chatbots platform which is able to create robust chatbots for your business with multiple languages support. The chatbot platform come with a dedicated frontend which can be integrated with your website or social media, as well as a backend Admin Portal for chatbot customization, management as well as feedback statistics which are very important features for practical industrial implementation. In addition, we are offering automatic question generation tool which can help you to create question-answer pairs from PDF/Word documents or websites to save your time in chatbot content preparation.


The AI-Powered Multilingual Chatbot platform is a complete solution for creating multilingual chatbots from content preparation, model generation, chatbot customization and management, as well as feedback statistics. The unique features of the multilingual chatbot platform are as follows: The core chatbot engine is powered by deep learning models and state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Different from most of the existing industrial chatbots which are based on rules (e.g. AIML knowledge), this deep learning-based chatbots are robust and with a higher degree of accuracy. The chatbot is multilingual. Depending on the application scenario, different languages can be supported. Queries in different languages can be directly made in the chatbot interface. The chatbot will identify the language and respond in user preferred language automatically. An automatic question generation tool trained on big corpus is provided to generate the first cut of question-answer pairs which can be used by the chatbot. This tool will help to save you from tedious task of preparing content for chatbot from unstructured documents such as PDF or MS Word documents. Autocomplete function to predict users’ questions and guide users to input their questions. A dedicated frontend interface and backend interface are provided for chatbot customization, management, feedback statistics as well as conversation history viewing


The potential applications include but not limited to customer service support, online sales enquiry, recommendation, reservation and booking. The chatbot can double up as digital conceirge/receptionist and it can serve as a query portal to facilitate logistics/warehouse/retail inventory enquiry. Some of the applicable industries include e-Commerce, Travel, Retail, Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Insurance, Real estate, Education and Logistics.


The customer benefits include the followings: Gather customer insights Better lead generation Increased sales Increased customer engagement Available 24/7 Improve customer satisfaction
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