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The company offers a state-of-the-art hybrid communication technology which combines immersive and collaborative software functionalities. The technology is based on ten years of research around the European crisis management. Its specificity is to display any type of data on a collective visual space to facilitate decision-making. 

Complex projects or tasks which requires complementary experts and heterogeneous data for display could be unified through this technology platform.

The technology allow teams to simultaneously share and visualize data (e.g., screen sharing, pdf, images) to grasp the big picture as well as highlight and annotate the digital information to ensure a common understanding. 


The technology includes a meeting room software, a web-conferencing service, and a virtual reality collaboration software. The Windows applications can be easily integrated with the security policies of existing IT infrastructure, and the web-conferencing service is designed to support all personal devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

The technology also enables hybrid streams of collaboration channels as it can support setup in multiple meeting rooms, accomodate remote individuals who may engage with virtual reality technologies. 

The technology comes with an VR application that connects any VR experience to the collaborative solution. 

The company's patented technology incorporates human-computer interaction design and techniques. Thus allowing each collaborator a smooth experience in facilitating more visual data sharing, contribution of ideas and conduct of multiple streams of thoughts and discussion points.


There are present use-cases across military, training, workplace, education, research and architecture domains.

Targeted use-cases: 

  • Interactive presentations 
  • Storytelling and experiential marketing
  • Collaborative meetings 
  • Training 

Main targeted segments: 

  • Manufacturing, including automotive, aeronautics & space 
  • Architecture – Engineering – Construction (AEC)
  • Education 

Market Trends & Opportunities

With the pandemic, many employees are now used to work from both home and office. Hybrid technologies that leverage meeting rooms while integrating remote collaborators will be a major asset to ensure efficient teamwork. 

People expect more and more flexibility from digital tools, especially when collaboration is required. The company's technology goes beyond the existing video conference solutions and helps make the most out of every technology, from smartphones to large touch screens, from touch tables to virtual reality headsets. 

Virtual reality is a promising trend, the value of which having already been validated in many domains. The company propose a unique solution that does not replace existing hardware or software VR products but complements them by enabling connection to video conference and meeting rooms solutions.  

Unique Value Proposition

  • Drive decision-making: more interactions between people, group dynamics
  • Share with ease: share all content without restrictions, with a single click
  • Collaborate beyond the meeting room: connect different locations and offices thanks to the remote conference and enjoy gestures and emotions’ transmission
  • Encourage collective intelligence: capitalize on data, save the meeting, export the results
  • Provide a unique experience to clients' visitors and make presentations more impactful 
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