Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform for Digital Therapeutics and Brain Fitness Solutions


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The platform assists and empowers health care professionals, researchers and third-party developers to develop their own solutions with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform. The AI platform works seamlessly with the company's award-winning portable EEG headset to provide developers with the ability to analyze the brain signals of users; measuring mental states including but not limited to attention, relaxation, mental workload and fatigue. 

The technology reveals numerous potential avenues to explore complementary, intervention programs for mental wellness, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, rehabilitation programs for stroke patients, cognitive rehabilitation for seniors and other neurological issues. 


The AI platform works seamlessly with a low-powered, portable and Bluetooth-enabled electroencephalogram (EEG) wearable device. This specially designed headset is able to track and monitor brain signals using six EEG sensors.

These electrodes are made from a unique formulation that is very conductive, making it sensitive to picking up EEG signals. It maximizes the potential of the device to be accurate in the interpretation of EEG signals. From there, the AI platform interprets the raw EEG signals from the device and interprets them into the various mental states, ie Attention, Focus, Mental Workload and Relaxation mental states, etc. 

By identifying these mental states, developers can develop solutions, using the platform’s Software Development Kits (SDKs), to address various brain health or workplace issues through neuroplasticity.


The technology provides numerous ways for third-party developers create solutions for mental wellness, including:

  • Improvement of focus and attention in ADHD children
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Pain management systems to distract brain from acute bodily pain
  • Brain training for elderly to improve cognitive functions, physical balance and walking gait
  • Meditation / Relaxation programs for highly stressed individuals
  • Rehabilitation programs for injured individuals

Market Trends & Opportunities

The technology has been deployed across 17 different countries.

The technology is suitable for tech partners looking to license such algorithms and utilize custom-built hardware to create their own applications.

The company is open to allow for white labelling of the custom hardware via commercial contract.


By utilizing the technology, users can benefit by:

  • Building custom brain related solutions quickly and cost effectively
  • Having the capability to run on multiple platforms
  • Researching brain activity using raw EEG signals
  • Have access to mental states and brainwave technology using simple API calls
  • Possessing the ability to develop their own Neurofeedback solutions via gamification and Brain Computer Interface (BCI) solutions
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