Critical Supply Chain Compliance Monitoring


Logistics - Delivery & Distribution


Product quality compliance in supply chain is something that shippers are rightfully concerned about. For temperature-sensitive shipments, e.g., COVID-19 vaccines, clinical diagnostic samples, shippers wish to ensure that temperatures are kept to acceptable bounds in the cold chain. Shippers of high-value, fragile products would be concerned that the products do not get damaged due to  unacceptable levels of shock during storage, handling and transport in the supply chain.

This technology offer is a matchbox-size sensor that can be tagged with each product, pallet or even truck for granular monitoring. The sensor is able to monitor temperature, shock and light exposure. This data can be sent in real time via installed gateways to the cloud or via apps on smartphone carried by supply chain staff. Staff are then able to monitor the telemetric data and associated analytics in real time via an online platform, such that corrective and preventive actions can be taken to reduce product damage. This technology offer can be easily integrated with client’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Transport Management System (TMS) systems.


  • Matchbox-sized sensor
  • Bluebooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 enabled
  • 2 years’ battery life
  • Withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius
  • Data from sensors are transmitted in real time using proprietary IoT protocol through the installed gateways to the cloud via GSM or WiFi.
  • Ability to convert smartphone into a portable gateway
  • Mobile tracking app available in iOS and Android
  • Online platform that allows for real-time monitoring of sensor data or other metrics
  • Predictive analytics are available on platform, allowing for pre-emptive corrective measures
  • Platform can be easily integrated with client’s ERP and TMS systems via API
  • Third-party and external data can be easily ingested and presented on the same platform
  • Early warning signals and real-time alerts (e.g. about possible temperature excursions) via platform, SMS or email


In addition to temperature monitoring for cold chain or shock monitoring for fragile, high-value products, this technology can also be used for temperature monitoring for other use cases, e.g., temperature compliance in cloud/centralised kitchens, dark stores, fulfilment centres, as well as for asset health monitoring, e.g., for high-value assets that are sensitive to shock.

As the sensors can be tagged to assets (as opposed to just shipments) and location tracking is available, the use cases extend to asset location tracking and asset utilization monitoring. This allows management to better manage efficiency in terms of asset usage, e.g., minimise idle time for certain assets.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Cold chain monitoring is of paramount importance at the moment, in view of the transport of COVID-19 vaccines. Many shippers and logistics companies are still using temperature loggers that do not offer real-time monitoring and are more troublesome to use operationally.


1. The sensor is small (no larger than a matchbox), which makes it easier to attach to individual products and shipments. At the same time, it contains temperature, shock and light exposure monitoring in a small form factor.

2. The long battery life of the sensor means there is no need for regular charging or external power sources. This reduces both hardware and manpower cost in the long run.

3. Real-time monitoring and analytics are available, making early alerts possible. This allows for earlier corrective and preventive actions, thereby reducing extent of product damage. This is in contrast to some temperature loggers where there is a need to download the data from the device manually.

4. Location tracking is also available via the gateways. Even in cases where having gateways is not feasible, this technology allows for the conversion of any smartphone into a portable gateway.

5. Other than critical parameter data (e.g., temperature), complete track and trace functionality available including geofencing, route adherence, unauthorized truck stops etc. to ensure the integrity of products

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