Enzyme Engineering Platform for Fast and Sustainable Production of Ingredients


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Enzyme-based biocatalysts are increasingly used in various industrial applications. While improvement in quality attributes could be observed by utilising these biocatalysts, natural enzymes are often susceptible to low catalytic efficiency due to various externalities such as temperature and PH.

Changes in consumer behaviour and surge in demand is driving biomanufacturing technology. Despite recent breakthroughs in enzyme engineering, the conquest to identify the right enzyme could still be a stumbling block for many firms. Screening millions of enzyme variants to discover the right enzyme would require years of R&D development and this could potentially set the company back by a few million dollars.

A startup has developed an enzyme engineering platform to identify and engineer novel enzymes to counteract these issues via an environmentally friendly process.

With proprietary microfluidics technology, the enzyme engineering platform can build and test millions of enzymes ten times faster than existing technologies while boosting the chance of success in developing the most effective enzymes by more than 200x. The startup supports the development process ranging from the screening of enzymes variants to complete service of engineering and scaling of desired enzymes to accelerate enzyme evolution for a wide range of applications.


The enzyme engineering platform employs sensitive and generic assays for the detection of enzymatic reactions, proprietary microfluidic chips, and bioinformatic technologies for enzyme development.

The platform can be used to

  1. Identify alternative compounds exhibiting certain effects – either by screening existing compounds (provided by the client) to determine the best enzyme for production or by developing an enzyme that could potentially improve yield of an existing reaction.
  2. Develop new formula – by utilizing microfluid technology to screen for enzyme that could potentially manufacture the compound of interest. Mass scaling of the enzyme and target product possible after enzyme optimization.

The platform caters to various uses in different industries such as food, flavors & fragrance and Beauty & Cosmetics.

Furthermore, there is no waste generated in the development process making this an eco-friendly alternative to robotic-microplate technology which produces biohazard waste.


The technology consists of intelligent hardware and software algorithm that enable fast and sustainable development of ingredients for a wide range of industries including food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics as compared to existing robotics technology out in the market.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Enzyme engineering as a service:  1m (Avg cost in market), 4000 total opportunity cost= 4B

Licensing enzyme: 3000s enzyme for licensing, Avg enzyme cost = 10m, total opportunity cost = 30B

Direct sale of natural identical product by enzymatic reactions (Nutraceuticals, Sweeteners, Flavor, Plant based Product, Cosmetics Ingredient) = Total opportunity cost = More than $200B


  • Cost efficient development with shorter time to market - by increasing the speed of development and the probability of success, development of innovative products is accelerated.
  • Sustainable model – various flexible pricing and IP licensing model for formulation development
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