Restaurant Search Engine with Enhanced Filters


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Restaurant search engines based on various user ratings are available on many websites or mobile applications. Most of these search engines rank the restaurants based on reviewers’ input, or by the user’s location or proximity to the restaurants.
This technology offer is a restaurant search engine that provides some additional filtering options compared to conventional restaurant search engines. For example, the filtering function allows the users to search for restaurants based on the ratings made by only native, local customers. With such finely-tuned filters, this technology offer helps users to efficiently search for restaurants and food, with very specific criteria.


With this technology, users are able to set specialised filtering criteria during a search to locate specific types of restaurants. The filtering criteria may include ratings made by people of the same nationality; ratings made by people having a proven sense of taste, e.g., certified gourmets; and ratings made by people having a similar sense of taste with the user. The filtering criteria could also include rankings made by local residents who live in a specific area, thus allowing the user to get a sense of the reputation of the restaurants among the local people. This will be especially useful for tourists who just arrived in an area of interest.


This technology offer could be implemented in the following applications:

  • Mobile applications or websites offering restaurant search functions
  • Database systems to manage restaurant rankings based on various criteria such as taste, place of residence of evaluators, etc

Market Trends & Opportunities

It is anticipated that highly personalised services will be made available in a wide variety of industries, in accordance with the privacy policies set by the user. In this era of the digitalised society, such innovative data utilization will bring new value-added services that can improve the user's experience and quality of life significantly.

Unique Value Proposition

This technology offer has the following benefits:

1.        For the End Users

  • This is a new function to search for highly-regarded restaurants, with specialised filtering criteria such as rankings made by specific groups of people, e.g., local people, people having the same nationality, people having a keen sense of taste, and people having a similar sense of taste with the customer.

2.        For the Restaurant Search System Integrator

  • This is an opportunity to augment the existing restaurant search engine so that end users can be offered a better restaurant search system.

The technology owner is keen to out-license this patented technology to IT systems integrators or IT platform owners who implement restaurant search functions.


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