An Efficient Transfer System for Semiconductor Burn-in Boards


Electronics - Semiconductors


Semiconductor burn-in is a process for detecting early failures in semiconductor devices. These devices are subjected to extreme condition like temperature together with stimulation power supplies or signals to eliminate defect prior to being placed in service.

With rising demand for semiconductor devices, the industry needs an efficient way to manage the volume and turnaround time for the burn-in process. In the current method, the semiconductor boards are transported to the burn-in test equipment through wheel track or trolley. At the test equipment, the individual semiconductor board is manually transfer by the operator to and from the burn-in chamber for testing. Such manual operation results in operator’s fatigue or injury, damage to devices as well as slow turnaround time.

To improve the manual process and eliminate the shortcomings, an efficient and easily automated system has been developed using a frame or trolley design to have direct access into the burn-in chamber. This design eliminates the need for manual handling of the individual semiconductor boards to and from the burn-in chamber. The system design and implementation are protected by a granted patent.


The system offers the following unique features:

  • A scalable frame or trolley design to stack semiconductor burn-in boards
  • A frame that could be mounted on an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for autonomous transfer system
  • A custom design for burn-in chamber to accommodate the frame
  • An insulation design in the frame that allows ambient sensor to be attached for location-based tracking


The solution can be applied to:

  • Automotive and memory semiconductors burn-in operations
  • Power and communications semiconductors burn-in operations

The technology can be licensed and adopted by burn-in chamber manufacturers and semiconductor test & equipment manufacturers and automation house.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The very strong drive towards electrification, autonomous driving, 5G, cloud storage/computing & other advanced technologies had lead to the explosive demand for reliable semiconductors.The semiconductor market is expected to continue to expand for at least the next 5 - 10 years.

Unique Value Proposition

The efficient transfer system for semiconductor burn-in boards offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce operator fatigue and injury
  • Reduce damages to burn-in boards and sockets
  • Reduce or ease the handling of heavier burn-in boardsImprove turnaround for the burn-in process  
  • Minimize non-value add space and movement
  • Reduce complex automationProvision for tracking and inventor of burn-in boards
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