Modular Sanitary Device for Electroproduction of Ozonated Water with Sanitising Properties


Environment, Clean Air & Water - Sanitisation
Environment, Clean Air & Water - Biological & Chemical Treatment


With the recent surge in various kinds of pathogens and viruses, there has been a strong demand for hygiene-focused products globally. This is especially true for water, with increasing fear of pathogen being spread via unsanitary water. Ozone dissolved in water, or more commonly known as ozonated water, has been used to produce safe drinking water at water purification plants because of ozone's sanitising properties. However, conventional gas dissolution methods have limited the applications because it is difficult to incorporate both safe ozone production and ozone dissolution into water in the same small product.

This technology offer is a modular sanitary device that is able to electro-produce ozonated water for sanitisation. This device can, on-demand, instantaneously generate ozonated water via electrolysis. The ability for on-demand generation circumvents the problem where ozonated water loses its sanitising properties over time. Furthermore, this modular device be easily designed to have variable performance depending on the number of devices connected and the control of current and flow rate. Therefore, they can be easily designed to be integrated into existing products (e.g. household water purifiers etc.) Lastly, this device can efficiently dissolve ozone in water as well which addressed the dissolution problems faced in other systems.


This technology offer is a modular sanitary device for the electroproduction of ozonated water. The technical features and specification are listed as follows:

  • Electroproduction of ozonated water (electrolysis)
  • Simple design structure (inlet and outlet of water and +/- power terminals)
  • Constant current requirement
  • Unique method to efficiently dissolve ozone in water


The use of this technology is for industries with the need for the sanitising properties of ozonated water. The potential applications include but are not limited to:

  • Residential use (retrofit to taps for ozonated water to use in washing and sanitisation)
  • Food sanitisation (removal of pesticides and waxes on food, extension of food storage through sanitisation and sanitisation of bacteria and virus in food production processes etc.)
  • Hand sanitiser (can be utilised in places where water hygiene concerns exist)

Unique Value Proposition

  • On-demand ozonated water for sanitisation
  • Modular design that is scalable with variable performance depending on the number of compact devices connected (easily designed for integration into existing products and equipment)
  • Instant and stable generation of ozonated water

The technology owner is keen on R&D collaborations with partners who need to generate ozonated water with sanitising properties such as sanitation or food industry to name a few.

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