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The future is digital. This technology is an award-winning mobile communication platform for non-desk bound employees.

Every employee deserves to be happy at work and happy employees help their companies succeed. Our App creates transparent and open mobile environments where people can educate, support and inspire each other.

Our mission is to connect the people disconnected from their company communication.

The App helps businesses improve the two-way communication flow, increase employee engagement and reduce staff turnover.

Employee Engagement is key to sustainably improve performance and Shareholder Values.


Our solution is a mobile communication platform for enterprises with a clear objective to increase employee engagement across the entire enterprise, regularly. This is achieved with a schedule of consistent communication touch-points and a feedback-loop to measure engagement levels in real-time.

Main features: Activity Streams, Enterprise Mobile Messaging, Opinion Polls.

Platforms: Web, Mobile Web, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. SaaS

Legal compliance: Other than WhatsApp or WeChat (permitted for personal use only!) our App is legally fully compliant and authorized to be used in Enterprises

Security: Banking level security with dedicated servers (communication can be archived and retrieved)

Login: Private or Company Email or Phone Number or Employee ID or Active Directory (no Email nor Email-Account required)

Level of Complexity: very simple and lean end-user and admin interface; intuitive and user-friendly

Customization: White-Labeled Apps; Enterprise can give the App the corporate look and feel. Employers can make it their own as if they had created it for their staff.

Integration: Integration with SharePoint, OpenAPI, LDAP and other tools like shift management


Companies from the Hospitality, Retail, F&B, Manufacturing and Logistics Sectors. Literally any company with a high proportion of non-desk bound or non-email Account holders.

We help to bridge communication gaps between people and possibilities. Because a business' success will not be determined by the laser-sharpness of the vision and strategy of the “brightest few” in a company but by the learning, understanding, and execution speed of the “slowest majority”.

Success Factors:

  • Reach every employee in an instant and communicate urgent and important updates
  • Integrate communication, information and process flows between field workers and head office
  • Spot 'champions' or key influencers and get them involved early to spread company strategies
  • Let teams share their activities and break down silos between departments/locations
  • Give employees a voice by asking for opinions and ideas ("quick polls")
  • Best Practice sharing within teams or across the enterprise for faster broad-based adoption
  • Special Events - Announcements, Invitations
  • Recognize individual accomplishments openly
  • Encourage team activities and Corporate Social Responsibility activities
  • Employers can automate their onboarding process to get newcomers immersed in their culture instantly
  • Share feedback of businesses' clients to improve customer centricity

Market Trends & Opportunities

Recently Singapore observes ever lower employee engagement levels which often result in high staff attrition rates. Attrition rates exceeding 40% per year are becoming the norm in the hospitality and F&B sectors. In fact, Singaporean workers are the unhappiest in Asia (Jobstreet 3 Oct 2016).

Numerous studies have shown the replacement costs for an employee to add up to 16 to 38% of the departing employee's annual salary (taking into account lost productivity, cost of turnover, HR processing costs, recruiting fees, retraining). Above all time is one of the costs most ignored when calculating the cost of hiring an employee.

Example: Company with about 300 employees (average salary S$50,000) manages to reduce the attrition rate by 2%. P&L improvement of S$48,000 to S$114,000 per year.

The challenge is how to boost employee engagement. How to retain talent and even convert them into loyal Brand Ambassadors who attract friends and former colleagues to join the employer's team.

Nowadays we all face globalisation, increasing digitalisation and rapidly changing workforce demographics. This requires us to think very differently about the world of work and the true engines of business – the people.

The 21st-century workforce – no matter what age – is naturally resilient, adaptable, and collaborative. So any initiative should appeal to those natural behaviors. Today’s employment market doesn’t necessarily reward better - it rewards differently. If businesses can create a constructive corporate culture that often creates a "warm fuzzy feeling" close to the heart, that addresses their employees emotionally, that recognizes employee's achievements openly, and that creates a feeling of belonging, then the employees would think twice before leaving the company.



  • Humanizes the workplace.
  • The environment created for employees tells them what the employer thinks of them. Provide a platform similar to social media platforms for employees to interact with each other very similarly within their job.
  • Strategic Alignment: Get the company's messages across and keep everyone in the loop to make all of them part of the change the employer wants to drive.
  • Strategic engagement of people is not a series of loosely connected events. It has to be viewed as a process, a commitment, and not merely a campaign.
  • Employers can stay in-the-know and keep their finger on the pulse of their teams. Our Admin-Dashboard provides a closed feed-back loop enabling employers to see how their communication is received by their staff. Employers can then fine-tune their future communication content.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through genuinely engaged employees.
  • Boost shareholder value - sustainably.


  • Millennials are not only familiarized with modern technology, but they were also born with it. They like to communicate with each other and know what's going. A corporate communication App makes this possible in a secure and legally compliant manner.
  • They feel empowered and motivated when they are put more in control of what they're doing. Their engagement levels will go up and performance will improve.
  • People ultimately want praise, rewards, and thanks. Here is a platform for managers to recognize great work. And for employees to congratulate each other on their achievements.
  • Jobs are a platform to make a difference in the world. For millennials, being part of a team and contributing to a big goal is really important in the professional arena. Make them know how their work contributes to the overall goals of the organization.
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