Biocorrector for Biorhythm Deviation


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Chronobiology is a relatively new field of science which studies the periodic phenomena in living organism. These biological rhythms can be found in almost all species and are believed to be an evolutionary adaptation to cyclical variations of the environment.  Some examples of how this chronobiology affects us include hormones being released based on the impulse of our inner clock and thus affecting our body functions, i.e. our body temperature decreases during sleep and our blood pressure rises as we wake up.

Research has found that deviation to the biorhythms from the normal state leads to various diseases, collectively known as pathological desynchronization. Treatment for the pathological synchronization to restore the disturbed biological process can be done through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the use of chronophysiotherapy to normalize the biorhythm. However, there have been no physiotherapeutic products available on the market for pathological desynchronization.

The technology partner has developed a biocorrector in the form of a chronomagnetic complex. This can be used in therapeutic institutions for correction of the deviation in the biorhythm of sick tissues. 


The tissue has two complementary pathologies: (1) Choronopathology - deviation of biorhythms from the normal state and (2) Physiopathology - deviation of physiological processes from the normal state. This technology uses the biocorrector to stimulate the restoration of disordered biorhythm and eventually causes the elimination of pathologies processes. It affects any tissues and organs, which biorhythms fall into the range of its working frequencies.

The high efficiency of processes is sustained by the absence of side-effects and complex effect through two means: chronotherapy and magnetic therapy. The functions of chronotherapy restore the biorhythms of sick tissues and eliminate pathological desynchronization, while the function of magnetic therapy stimulates the restoration of disturbed biological processes. The innovation aspect is in the development of the way of treatment of pathological desynchronization and of the device with the function of chronotherapy through which the treatment is implemented.

Until now there have been no physiotherapeutic analogs with the function of chronotherapy on the market (correction of deviations in biorhythms in sick tissues). The developed device can be used at the medical and prophylactic institutions.


The biocorrector is aimed to treat a large spectrum of diseases by eliminating the pathological desynchronization various medical condition such as oncological diseases.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The segment of therapeutic devices on the global market in 2015 has reached USD 74.6 billion with a high CAGR of 5.1% per year on average. In addition, there are yet to have any physiotherapeutic devices on the market with two functions of treatment, as offered by the technology partner through patent and market scanning.

The company is looking for investors and distributors for commercialization of the product, as well as strategic partners for joint venture and further medical research with the aim of increasing the functionality of the biocorrector to, including for treatment of oncological diseases.


The biocorrector has the following advantages as compared to the convention magnetic therapeutic analogs:

  • High effectiveness of treatment and absence of side-effects
  • Two functions: chronotherapy and magnetic therapy in one device
  • It encompasses a wide range of diseases that it can treat
  • It is located in one price-range with magnetic therapeutic devices

Depending on the kind of disease, when compared to the magnetic therapeutic analogs,

  • Positive dynamics can increase by 10-15%
  • Period of treatment decreases by 10-12%
  • Use of medical preparations decreases by 50%

The chronotherapy is the main way of treatment and does not require simultaneous drugs prescription, unlike magnetic therapy, which is normally prescribed in addition to drugs as a supplementary method. 

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