Eagle Eye System - Ultra WideBand High Precision and Accuracy Real Time Location Systems


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EagleEye system based onUltra Wideband (UWB) gives high-accuracy, low-latency indoor position and location of moving objects. Itis suitable for applications that derive contextual information through monitoring interactions between tracked objects and their environments. Common Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Active RFID that use Relative Signal Strength (RSSI) fusing with other methods for distance measurement. At present, these technologies offer location accuracy in metersand present some localisation latency and at times, wobbly positioning. All also suffer from low position refresh rates and lacks scalability. Eagle Eyegives better micro-positioning precision (close to 5 cm level of accuracy) and real-time localisation with milliseconds latency, high consistency and high repeatability. Combining it with historical tracking data and relevant business applications, this allows customers to achieve accurate position and movement enabled business intelligence to gain better business insights into their operation, process and workflow, resulting in informed business decision making.


Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE • FCC Part 15.250 and ETSI EN 302 500-1compliant • Compliant with International UWB Standard -IEEE 802.15.4.f • Excellent Location Accuracy – 5 cm (0.164042 foot) line of sight, raw data • Leading Edge Tag Throughput – Up to 12K tags/second • Programmable, Fast Tag Blink Rates – Up to 12K times/ second • Long RTLS Range – Up to 300 meters (984.2519685 feet) line of sight • Long Tag Battery Life – Up to 1 year at 1 Hz blink rate • IP65/67/68 Weatherproof options


Precise and Accurate, Real Time Location and Positioning Information E.g :Old Folks home、Prison、Rehab Center、Military training、Personnel Safety、Civil Defence etc Detail Historical Tracking Information and Analysis E.g. Retail & Supermart consumer behavior pattern analysis、Advertising target、Power plant maintenance 、Sports etc Indoor Navigation andRoute Planning and Optimization Eg: smart logistics、smart factory、robotic self navigation、airport personnel & luggage positioning


Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE By unlocking new location intelligence and insights, users can now exploit new operational possibilities while strengthening current best practices and procedures. The increased visibility and information is proving to be invaluable and highly actionable for enhancing and streamlining the operations and processes, increasing the top line and reducing the bottom line.Typical benefits include, and not limited to: operational improvement, improved and better informed decision-making, more effective maintenance and compliance, new revenue opportunities, reduction of expenses and many others.
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