Lip Password: Double Security System for Identity Authentication


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The use of biometric data such as fingerprints to unlock mobile devices and verify identity at immigration and customs counters are used around the world. Despite its wide application, one cannot change the scan of their fingerprint. Once the scan is stolen or hacked, the owner cannot change his/her fingerprints and has to look for another identity security system. In view of this, we haveinvented a new technology entitled “lip motion password” (lip password) which utilises a person’s lip motions to create a password. “Lip motion password” is a patented double security system to verify a person’s identity by simultaneously matching the password content with the underlying behavioural characteristics of lip motions. The system enables users to complete authentication by uttering a short phrase of their choice of password. Nobody can mimic a user’s lip movement when uttering the password. It is not necessary for the speaker to read aloud their password as the lip sequence is analysed visually by the system. Hence, the system would allow people with speech disabilities to use it.


• The dynamic characteristics of lip motions are resistant to mimicry, so a lip password can be used singly for speaker verification, as it is able to detect and reject a wrong password uttered by the user or the correct password spoken by an imposter; • Verification based on a combination of lip motions and password content ensures that access control is doubly secured; • Compared with traditional voice-based authentication, the acquisition and analysis of lip movements are less susceptible to background noise and distance, moreover, it can even be used by a speech-impaired person; • A user can reset the lip password in a timely manner to strengthen security; • There is no language boundary, in other words, a person from any country can use this lip password verification system.


The potential application of this new patented technology includes, but is not limited to, financial transaction authentication including electronic payment using mobile devices, transactions at ATM machines, and credit card user passwords. It can also be applied to enhance the security access control system currently used in entrances of companies or private premises. In addition, lip password can be used together with other biometrics to enhance the security level of systems. For instance, lip password can be combined with face recognition, whereby the problem of spoofing face recognition with 3D masks in personal identity verification would be solved.


Can easily apply this invention by simply installing the programme in the mobile device, computer or machine equipped with camera

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