Asian Specific Comprehensive Testing Solution Targeting the Cosmetic Industry


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A complete solution that comprised of R&D and Innovation, in vitro to in vivo human based testing, OEM and regulatory advisory that not only accelerate your path to commercialization but also further add credibility to products with scientific evidence for claim substantiation and safety testing required for toxicology information.

 The technology provider also has experience on 3D human organoid systems and permeation technology, developing ethical, cruelty-free and innovative testing with high biological relevance to the Asian market for the personal care, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.


A unique one-stop solution that is tailorable and comprehensive, ranging from laboratory testing to regulatory and product development advisory.

 • Laboratory and Human Clinical Study on products/active ingredients

     • Safety Evaluation

     • Claim Efficacy Validation

     • Permeation & Retention

     • Research and Development

 Product Commercialisation Support

     • Product Development

     • Regulatory Matters

     • Manufacturing

     • Business Alignment


Despite arguments that testings are absolutely unnecessary by using ingredients with history of safe use, the rapid rise in the innovation of new ingredients or delivery systems and knowledge-based consuming patterns continues to drive the need for scientifically-backed products in the market.

This suite of technological solution serves to provide scientific evidences for sound claim substantiation and safety testing required for the toxicology information.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The cosmetic industry is an evergreen industry where companies constantly create new products, pointing to a billion dollar and growing market for testing. With more nano-particle/actives, delivery systems and increasing variety of combinations used in products, it calls for more testing to ensure safety and avoid scandals over the performance of a launched product.

Asia has been one of the largest and fast growing consumer market, and Asian-specific testing will allow for customised and market-specific testing. Such an approach provides for scientifically-backed and evidential-based marketing claims, much needed for the increasingly knowledge-based consumer market.

The food nutrition and health supplement industries also lack consumer-centric testing to track the absorption of actives through the gut. This area has been less studied, and even if so through animal studies. Our interest in this sector coincides with the vision to be an advocate for cruelty-free testing. Together with the world wide interest in food sustainability, this is is another expanding market to be recognised.


Apart from enhancing product reliability and credibility, the technology provider provides support to accelerate the commercialization process to market.

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