Remote Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Device with ECG


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Systemic and algorithmic solutions for remote monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias in the field of ECG analysis and cardiac telerehabilitation system.

The device is a system for heart arrhythmia diagnostics, recognizes each heart beat’s morphology in real time and enables remote monitoring of thousands of patients at the same time. This technology combines the accuracy of a full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry. This solution provides a physician with an online view of a continuous full ECG signal record updated on the fly and accessible in a standard web browser window.

The new solution introduced to the market in 2017 is a system for cardiovascular telerehabilitation which can be used in hospitals, clinics as well as at the patient’s home. The system sends the complete record of a patient’s ECG and heart rate in real time during training sessions and optionally, in between as well, the signal is monitored by a physician or physical therapist via the online platform.  The system guides patients in real time, instructing them via visual and voice commands, to increase or decrease workout intensity based on measured Heart Rate (HR) and an established set of HR thresholds. The system can be used in hospitals, outpatient settings or even remotely, when under the supervision of medical staff. It is a flexible approach to cardiac rehabilitation. It requires no specific exercise equipment, giving clinicians and patients the ability to customize workout regimens. Patients can use treadmills, stair climbers or prescribed walking programs.


The arrhythmia monitoring device transmits 100% ECG signal and the system provides the physician with a full record online via any web browser.

  • Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, a patient’s physical activity are continuously monitored during the entire examination 
  • The physician can correlate the ECG signal, symptoms reported by the patient and his/her physical activity at any moment of the examination
  • The technology detects and provides a morphology of each heartbeat. It counts PVCs/PACs, and many different types of arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation, ventricular and supraventricular tachycardias, bigeminies, trigeminies, and many others.

The system automatically detects the onset and offset of every arrhythmia, even for long episodes.

  • The physician receives accurate rate vs. rhythm information, which supports making decisions on drug therapy. 
  • A diagnostic report presenting comprehensive data and its statistical analysis, with many useful charts, enables the physician to see the full picture and take better care of patients. 
  • Continuous activity monitoring possible thanks to the built-in accelerometer enables to correlate arrhythmias with reported symptoms and patient activity in the report. 
  • New solution for flexible cardiac rehabilitation training requires no special training equipment. The device measures a patient’s heart rate against previously set thresholds to guide workout intensity. The screen and voice commands instruct patients to increase or decrease training intensity based on heart rate and rhythm. 
  • Built on the device for mobile cardiac telemetry technology, the system captures and streams the full disclosure ECG signal, allowing clinicians to monitor a patient’s heart rhythm during and in-between training sessions. 
  • The system guides patients in real time, instructing them via visual and voice commands, to increase or decrease workout intensity based on measured Heart Rate (HR) and an established set of HR thresholds


Medical industry specializing in cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac rehabilitation.  Our product/offer is dedicated to medical facilities, such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, cardiac rehabilitation centres, as well as for IDTF (Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities) 


Millions of people around the world are suffering from arrhythmia or an abnormal heart rhythm, a condition where a person’s heart beats slower or faster than it should, or irregularly, impacting the flow of blood through the body and to the brain. People with arrhythmia are at increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The good news is that our technologies and approaches help people to actively monitor their heart rhythm. And the innovation allows physicians to extend the reach of their practices, enabling high-quality remote ECG monitoring and analysis.

Our systems open new possibilities for physicians including comprehensive detection of cardiac disorders as well as fast recovery for patients after cardiac events.

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