Bank-Grade Clone Proof QR Code for Brand Protection: Anti-Counterfeiting and Track & Trace


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Anti-counterfeiting technology is an indispensable asset in times of widespread circulation of counterfeit and pirated goods in the global market. It provides companies and consumers with a means to benefit from product identification and authentication.

Single layer QR codes and barcodes are widely used in the industry for product authentication. Manufacturers and consumers alike use QR codes/ barcodes as a means to store and provide information about the product and to support their logistical management of goods. Although they are easy to use and inexpensive to manufacture, they can be duplicated easily. Despite the limitations, it can be further enhanced for product assurance to combat against counterfeiting.

The anti-counterfeiting technology offers product authentication via encrypted dual layer identification platform. Besides supporting barcode, QR code, NFC, and RFID, the technology offers a clone-proof QR code that eliminates replication. The clone-proof QR code can be printed directly on existing product packaging, labels, and documents. Neither special knowledge nor tools are needed to check the product authenticity. The checking can be done using a smartphone, and the scanning activities are captured in the secured backend system.

The technology is able to enhance product assurance and customers’ engagement through track and trace technology while providing security against counterfeiting and enhancing logistic management.


The technology uses encrypted data-matrix code for product authentication, secured data transmission and storage. The solution utilizes dual authentication with overt and covert layer of unique identifier code on each product. It is easily adaptable to the existing market using the smartphone as an authentication tool for end-users to inquire for information before making a purchase decision and to check the product's authenticity. The same digital identity can be used for the purpose of traceability, to enhance supply chain visibility significantly. In the process, valuable market insights are generated by leveraging big data analytics. Key features of the technology offer include:

Ease of counterfeit product detection

  • Empower channel partners / consumers to verify the authenticity of their purchase anytime and anywhere easily
  • Channel partners / consumers can use the native mobile app or web app to do the product authenticity check and report any counterfeit product scanned

Track and trace supply channel

  • Unique identification tag on each product allows tracking of product from the factory, through channels, and to consumer
  • Enterprise can easily detect product diversion / grey market activities

Real-time Business Data

  • Geography is automatically captured to the secured backend system when the unique identification tag is scanned
  • Consumer purchasing habits such as 'when', 'where' and 'what' are also captured during the scanning (with consumers' permission)
  • Product’s identification tag scan activity (e.g., scan for enquiry, scan for authentication)

Consumer Warranty / Loyalty Program

  • Push notifications to the consumer via mobile app
  • Special offers to the consumer who scanned & checked authentication of the product


The technology offer is suitable for food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage products, health supplements, pharmaceutical products, luxury goods, automobile parts, home appliances, personal care products and more. The solution can be applied in:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Warranty management
  • Document originality verification
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Analytics (product sales, stock movement, consumers’ buying behaviour etc.)


  • Provides general information about products to end-consumers
  • Empowers end-consumers to check product authenticity
  • Ease of checking the originality of the product
  • Track and trace technology for logistic management
  • Collection of data on consumers’ behaviour for analysis to aid in business and marketing efforts
  • Direct engagement with end-consumers via mobile app (push notification)
  • Stringent security is in place to protect the backend system
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