Better, Faster, Greener Phytochemical Extraction Technology and Plant Health Ingredients


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This is a sustainable & efficient extraction core technology that supports column-less extraction method and zero-waste processing method.

The column-less extraction method is a liquid-to-liquid, non-ethanol base methodology that optimise yield of bioactives from botanicals. This technology allows for a continuous cyclical production of bioactive extracts and has been validated at one tonne production scale. It has demonstrated benefits of higher bioactive purity, shorter extraction time and lower extraction cost. Extracted ingredients are Halal-certifiable and therefore accessible to a higher proportion of the global population. The technology has already been used to provide R&D services to customers with phytochemical extraction needs. The extraction expertise uses a process to extract the volatile components of botanicals and/or food waste (e.g. okara, wet distilled grains, coffee spent etc). After extraction of non-volatile bioactives, reaping benefits of the process, two or more products yield with minimal or even zero waste generation. This methodology is also able to valorise food waste materials into higher value nutritional products.

This technology addresses two market challenges:

  1. The current issue of high cost of plant-based functional food and supplements – an issue that is predominately caused by the current standard of extraction column chromatography, a complex, energy intensive extraction method.
  2. High level of food waste in the food processing industry. By extracting nutrients from these ‘nutrient packed waste, we can transform these ‘waste’ into health ingredients minimising amount of food wastage, at the same time valorising food waste.


Our non-column based extraction technology that enable continuously cyclical extraction process has the advantages of:

  • Being Better, Faster, Greener extraction method – validated at 1 Ton extraction scale.
  • Extracts are Halal Certifiable as food grade, non ethanol, extraction solvent are utilised.
  • Minimal or ‘Zero Waste’ – ability to extract both non-volatile and volatile bioactive from plants.
  • Resolving high food wastage issue of food processing industry by transforming these ‘waste’ into high value health ingredients


Contract services customized to to solve functional food development and high food wastage challenges in:

Food Processing industry:

  • Valorizing food waste from food processing industry into nutritional plant health ingredients/products that can be re-introduced into food products to meet rising demand for natural, plant base functional food.


Food/Supplement/Pharma industry:

  • Enable harnessing of abundant and diverse botanicals in SEA through cost effective, sustainable extraction of novel plant bioactives for development into functional food and plant based nutraceuticals,that cannot be currently extracted at acceptable price point.
  • Development & supply of quality assured plant extracts at mass market friendly prices. -  Halal- certifiable functional food/plant-based supplements open access to more than 1.7b Muslims around the world.
  • Small batch manufacturing of novel and or quality assured plant extracts for R&D and market testing


Better quality at mass market friendly price cost compared to current “State of the Art” Better cost efficiency with shorter extraction time, at lower cost. Faster extraction time Greener – sustainable, non-energy intensive extraction method with minimal solvent released into the environment Halal certifiable extracts that can be developed specifically for Muslim population

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