New Generation Communication tool for Blue-collar, Physical and Temporary Workers


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There are 2.2 billion blue-collar without a company e-mail address or any other digital communication channel by their employer in many industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals or logistics. They all want the same: fast, simple, digital communication. They’re kept in the past of poor management communication although all of them have smartphones. Lack of information leads to expensive fluctuation and loss of productivity.

The technology is the right tool to bridge the communication gap between physical workers and their employers via a multifunctional HR chatbot. Workers receive real-time, reliable information from their employer and not only verbally from the supervisors. Announcements can be sent out easily to a target group, and the responses are reported live.


Secure, personal, information-rich, one-on-one interaction between corporations and their employees. We provide the necessary database integration and integration with most common software solutions used by HR. Template user flows for recruiting and most popular HR tasks.

It also enables a tracked, supervised, top-down official communication using chatbots. The technology is built for enterprise clients from the ground up. We offer GDPR compliance, security, performance, and multiple integrations out of the box. Moreover, content and reporting can be localized based on the company culture and processes.


Potential application areas include any blue-collar or physical workers industry such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, logistics, agriculture, architectural services, building, clothing manufacturing, constructing, farming, food products manufacturing, logging, timbering, waste management and so on. Even when you have invested in an HR portal, you should give a convenient, easy to use interface for your employees right at their fingertips that is easy to manage for your HR department.


On top of the above-mentioned benefits, your employees can strongly benefit from the solution and handle their work-related matters comfortably, such as:

  • payroll related, such as online access to pay stubs, the ability to change tax withholding and deduction amounts, and logging work time and hours
  • the ability to shop for and choose benefit programs and manage open enrollment and other changes, such as major life events
  • the ability to make changes to retirement investment plans, such as changing employee contributions, setting up loans and making withdrawals
  • expense management
  • FAQ
  • Intuitive Hazard reporting like in Waze
  • Conversation based Anonym reports unfolding unspoken internal issues
  • Duolingo type training on the go


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