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Network-based security systems have been the standard in the past for corporate security.  Technology such as legacy SIEM-SOC (Security Information and Event Management - Security Operation Center) was thought as sufficient protection for cyber threats however it comes up short when it comes to responding to cyber attacks.  Endpoint-based Monitoring and Incident Response (EMIR) enhances this approach by not only identifying threats but also providing a resolution to the threat.  SIEM SOC provides very little visibility of the threats because all you are told is whether the malicious code was accessed by the infected endpoint but not whether the code was executed. EMIR can tell you what exactly happened, how it happened, and where the threat came from. It can also remediate the issue without the customers’ intervention. 

Another limitation of SIEM SOC is that the incident response can only notify you of the incident. This incident may occur in the middle of the night and won’t be responded to until the staff responsible reports for work. This can leave hackers many hours to infiltrate and extract important data. EMIR works 24/7, 365 days a year remotely to notify you, intercept the attack, and remedy any damage that has occurred.

This is of immense importance for companies of all sizes because cybercriminals are looking to make money from any enterprise that is vulnerable. The threat of cyber attacks for companies and individuals has never been higher than today. EMIR is the protection that companies need to be secure in today’s vulnerable cyber landscape.

The technology is specifically available for integration.


EMIR technology monitors every endpoint in your organization including laptops, servers, and workstations. Two things happen when suspicious activity occurs on an endpoint.  The activity is reported immediately to our incident response team. At the same time, the process which is running the suspicious behaviour is stopped from executing any further actions on the endpoint. The company staff will be notified of the incident and the incident will be resolved in a timely manner before the attacker can cause any significant damage.


EMIR can be employed in all types of industries including education, government, medical, IT, financial industries, and just about any industry which relies on computers.  This technology can be marketed as an all-in-one solution for IT infrastructure security that is capable of monitoring logs of different appliances. This ensures that all devices are protected from various vectors of attack.

Market Trends & Opportunities

As more companies become aware of the cyber attacks crippling their industries, they understand that having adequate protection is a worthwhile investment for business continuity and customer relations. EMIR can be advertised as part of any security solution to either build upon an existing solution or on its own.


The current SIEM SOC solutions can keep their promise to tell you that something happened and needs to be resolved. For many organizations, that is not enough of a value proposition. The solution that EMIR proposes will not only notify you but resolve the issue. EMIR will still perform this resolution when your incident response team is not in the office thus reducing your exposure to hackers. In the digital age where your intellectual property is at risk from cybercriminals from all over the world, organizations need a solution that they trust will protect them from threats and ensure their business continuity. 

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