Ising Modelling over Digital Annealer instead of Quantum Computer


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Using a digital circuit design inspired by quantum phenomena, the digital annealer computational architecture bridges the gap to the quantum world and paves the way for much faster, more efficient solving of today’s business problem.

The digital annealer support computation in Ising format (the same format used in Quantum computing). The digital annealer is a digital server that emulates a quantum computer interface, offering an alternative to having a physical quantum computer.

The solution is designed to solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems which are unsolvable using today’s classical computers.


The digital annealer is an alternative to a quantum computer. This digital annealer offers the following features and benefits:

  • Stable operation at normal room temperature and small form factor
  • Fully coupled 8,192-bit connectivity that allows for large-scale problem-solving
  • 64-bit (264) gradations allow high accuracy in expressing combinatorial optimization problems

The technology would first be available as a cloud service, and subsequently also as an on-premise solution. It can be deployed in normal data centre environments.


Automotive: Factory Optimization – Car manufacturers are looking to improve production efficiencies in order to accelerate deployment of new vehicles. Tasks include logistics improvements, vehicle design and robotics optimization. Digital annealer-powered production aims to identify errors and flaws such as corrosion, defects and quality issues immediately, improving overall production planning and ultimately vehicle delivery.

Bio/Material Science: Molecular Similarity Search – Chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories use molecular similarity searching, which partially extracts molecule characteristics to search for new substances and to develop new drugs. Digital annealer-powered research explores entire molecular structures without relying on extraction, thereby enabling accurate, instant similarity searching.

Financial Services: Low-Risk Portfolio Optimization – A digital annealer powered portfolio solution finds the ideal investment allocation to maximize returns, by grouping stocks that correlate with price variations, enabling portfolios to be managed with accuracy and reduced risk. The Digital Annealer solution can instantly find the best permutation from among 20 or more stocks (equivalent to more than one quintillion permutations).

Distribution: Warehouse Inventory Management – In factories and distribution warehouses, the time it takes workers to walk around picking up parts can be lengthy. Using digital annealer in a factory environment, it is now possible to optimize routes and in-stock part placement so workers can successfully reduce the distance travelled by up to 45 percent, significantly increasing productivity.

Retail: Personalized Digital Marketing – Using digital annealer, marketing agencies and retail companies can accurately and instantly deliver personalized content to existing and prospective customers, through engaging and targeted web content, thereby influencing their purchase decisions.


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