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This sensor-as-a-service offering can kickstart the user's IoT journey with ease. The service includes hardware, software and connectivity. The package features five sensor types:

  • a temperature and humidity sensor
  • a human passive infra-red (PIR) detector
  • a magnetic sensor that detects opening and closing of assets
  • an asset locating tracker
  • a smart button with brand new features

The five sensors are shortlisted based on the top-ten most sought after data requirements gathered from IoT users and early adopters globally. As an end-to-end solution packaged with connectivity and software application, the customisable sensors aim to simplify and accelerate the adoption of IoT in the following clusters: smart cities and utilities, smart industry and supply chain, and smart buildings/homes.


The starter kit comes with:

  • 1 Button and 4 sensors, all in one package
  • Quick set up application for enrolment
  • 6 months of Sigfox connectivity 

The specifications for each sensor are:

  • Weight: 70g
  • Dimensions: 89.5 X 32.5 X 22 (mm)
  • Connectivity: Sigfox
  • Operation Zone: RC1, 2, 3, 4
  • Power: AAA battery (Alkaline) x 2 (Replaceable)
  • Battery Lifespan: 2+ years with one message sent per day


Examples of what the sensors can do -


For Food and Beverage (F&B):

The device used is a wireless temperature and humidity sensor. Alert ranges can be set according to the users' need, to keep food and beverage in a suitable environment. With its low power consumption and the use of the Sigfox network, the sensor can last more than 2 years without a battery change. The reporting frequency and customized temperature and humidity range alert can be set as required, to control the environment for perishable food.


For Healthcare - Elderly monitoring: 

The device used is a motion detection sensor. Notification parameters can be set to monitor an elderly person's moment; an alert can be sent to the caregiver when an abnormality occurs.


For Retail - Resource staff distribution:

The device used is a motion detection sensor. Notifications can be sent when a certain area is getting more crowded, so that staff can react accordingly in a timely manner, e.g., re-distribute manpower before the area gets too busy.


For Logistics - Asset management and security:

The device used is an accelerometer to detect the movement of an asset. If the asset has been moved, an alert notification will be sent. The device can be used on assets like scooters, which can be moved or stolen when parked.

Magnetic sensors can also be used to detect when doors or windows are open, in a home or office setting.

Market Trends & Opportunities

According to Markets and Markets, the consumer IoT market is estimated to reach USD 104.4 billion by 2023 from USD 46.8 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of 17.39% during 2018–2023.


  • Low cost and low power consumption
  • End-to-end solution packaged with connectivity and software application; highly customisable to simplify and accelerate the adoption of IoT in the following clusters: smart cities and utilities, smart industry and supply chain, and smart buildings and smart homes
  • Easy to set up - plug and play devices
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