SaaS Technology for Corporate Change Programs using Performance Analytics


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The technology increases the success rate of corporate change programs by guaranteeing effective adoption 4 times faster than traditional methods. It targets CIO, CFOs, and CMOs that struggle to implement digital transformation programs, software tool adoption, and compliance programs. Using real-time employee performance analytics, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform automatically guides individuals only when and where they really need it, saving companies' resources and time compared to traditional solutions. McKinsey reports that 70% of corporate change programs fail to meet the intended targets, resulting in missed opportunities (sales) and legal exposure (lawsuits, breaches). The failure is due to the workforce’s inability to change, inadequate long term guidance, and lack of insights and tooling to empower management. Our platform automatically sends personalized remedial messages to underperforming users to assist and support them, so they can more rapidly adopt new processes and tools. Dashboards enable line and change management to track and measure progress status and ROI.


The technology is a web based SaaS platform accessible on desktop and mobile for the users. Integration with corporate authentication platforms and different data sources is part of the onboarding process. The technology is cloud-deployed, and compliant with the strict European data regulation protection (GDPR), keeping employee specific data secure and locked with the client.


The SaaS platform is ideal for larger enterprises with a geographically dispersed workforce and important change programs. This is why we target companies that have branches and call centers, or a mobile workforce like in banking, telco, health and logistics. Currently the software has been successfully deployed in the financial industry (banking and insurance), multinational human resource consulting and logistics.

Market Trends & Opportunities

Digital transformation, technology adoption, and disruption are significant threats to traditional enterprises today. The ability to quickly adapt is hindered by traditional HR processes and tools that are simply not tailored for fast employee reskilling and upskilling. As digitisation and technology usage in the workspace increases, more and more useful performance data is being collected, enabling a truly quantified workforce that can be steered when and where needed to meet certain KPIs. This creates an opportunity for technology providers to collect, analyze and steer the employee towards the agile workforce of the future using new tools and services.


This technology can significantly accelerate change programs up to a factor of 4, therefore increasing speed of transition with less employees at a higher level of effectiveness. At the same time there will be advanced insights such as progress, and recommendations accelerating the transition process through change management.

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