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Leveraging our wide network of partners, we have curated numerous enabling technologies available for licensing and commercialisation across different industries and domains. Enterprises interested in these technology offers and collaborating with partners of complementary technological capabilities can reach out for co-innovation opportunities.

Graphical User Interface to Manipulate & Analyse Patient's Genetic Variants in a Database
High throughput sequencing provides unprecedented power to detect genetic variation in applications such as inherited disorders and somatic mutations in cancer, but managing and filtering the enormous data sets remains a challenge.Existing software can annotate variants, predict effects and remove false positives, but ultimately an individual may need to sort through many hundreds of thousands of potential candidates, using expert knowledge of relevant pathways and phenotypes.Clinicians and researchers often do not know how to program, and existing graphical interfaces do not scale to exome-size data sets. A graphical front end that allows creation of sophisticated custom filters on these large data sets could thus leverage expert knowledge to gain more from exome-scale sequencing.
Virtual Reality App for Reducing Chronic Neck and Back Pain and Improving Movement
Injuries happen to everyone at some stage. Unfortunately, these injuries can result in pain that persists beyond injury healing. Current treatments often have limited benefit for persistent pain, and fail to treat its main contributor - a sensitised brain.The result: a massive unmet need among individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Given the scale of suffering and economic strain, the need for brain-targeting methods is significant.
Middleware for Co-bot and Machines Integration
This invention falls under the category of software. Generally, the industry may refer to it as middleware or control software. With the i4.0 bringing sweeping changes across the industry, the integration of disparate components has become critical due to the presence of proprietary legacy systems. This invention offers an intermediary communication for the different standalone machines to communicate and perform synchronised functions. Customer can engage us for extension of production functionalities and development.
Hydrating Cream
Hydration plays an important role in maintaining the metabolism, enzyme activity, mechanical properties, appearance and barrier function of the skin.Singapore has a tropical climate that prevails throughout the year. The humidity, combined with high temperature, increases perspiration and excess oil production. Under a humid environment, skin barrier recovery is delayed and this in turn decreases its response to external changes. Prolonged dry air-conditioning indoor also gives rise to dry dehydrated skin and enlarged skin pores in many people.In addition, the world’s population is aging and a highly prevalent skin type or skin condition among elderly is dry skin.
Novel Flow Frame Design for Redox Flow Battery
With the wide deployment of renewable energy harvesting devices, such as solar cells and wind turbines, there is an urgency to develop efficient and economical energy storage systems to stabilize the intermittent and often unpredictable primary power sources before the power can be channeled to the grid safely or utilized for on-site loads. Redox flow batteries (RFBs) are regarded as promising electrochemical energy storage devices due to their special features of separable energy and power capacity. However, redox flow batteries tend to have lower energy densities than integrated cell architectures. Here our inventions introduce the novel engineering design to and reduce bulk resistance with no significant increase in flow resistance, obtaining uniform flow throughout the battery cell and improving the overall system efficiency.
Personalized, Biodegradable Implants for Bone Reconstructive Surgery
Our expertise is in the production of clinically validated, personalized, biodegradable anatomical spatial structures used in the design of bone medical implants for applications in neurosurgical, cranial and craniofacial reconstructions. The proposed solution addresses the current limitations through the use of implants tailored to anatomical characteristics and made of a biodegradable polymer of polylactide (PLA) or its derivatives. It is also possible to tune the time of resorption of the implant material to align with the process of bone tissue remodelling and rebuilding. The proposed technological solution allows for the production of spatial structures for biomedical engineering applications such as personalized facial implants and skull vaults made to order by a surgeon for a particular paediatric patient.
Real-time Water Quality Monitoring and Sensing by a Smart Autonomous Surface Vessel
The technology described herein is a smart robotic autonomous platform and water sampler, with the ability to operate with minimal manual support. The platform constantly monitors the water quality of the entire water body as it propels around, increasing the efficiency of water sampling while reducing the costs involved. It utilises a cloud-based network to feed the data collected in real-time to the User for analysis, as well as incorporating various intelligent mission planning algorithms which then decides the next best route it should take to collect the necessary data. The platform aims to ensure that this important resource - water - remains optimal and safe to use, drink and enjoy, while reducing the carbon footprint to the environment.
High Flux and Low Fouling Vibratory Membrane for Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors
This innovative technology is a Vibratory-Stirring (VS) membrane module for submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs), which can control membrane fouling and also mix the biosolids within the reactor for both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment. The technology takes advantage of membrane filtration and anaerobic processes to treat high strength wastewater. In addition, the anaerobic digestion results in low sludge volume and produces biogas for energy generation. The membrane module incorporates transversely vibrating hollow fibre membranes, and special structural features for additional stirring and turbulence generation. The fouling control is achieved by the combination of vibratory shear stresses and turbulence, together with turbulent mixing of biosolids inside the reactor. The technology will allow for high permeate flux and long membrane filtration operation time in anaerobic membrane bioreactors.  The concept has been proven in an anaerobic reactor with high strength wastewater for a continuous 10-month operation, without any backwash or chemical wash of the membranes.
DNA-repair Technology for Anti-aging Skincare
The skin is constantly bombarded by different environmental factors, including UV radiation and pollution, that damage its DNA. Repairing DNA damage is vital to skin health. However, the skin’s natural repair mechanisms eventually become overwhelmed by the constant DNA damage and this causes inflammation and premature skin aging, eventually leading to wrinkling, age spots, loss of elasticity, and other associated symptoms. This premature skin aging negatively impacts skin health and decreases quality of life. The patented technology enhances the body's own intrinsic ability to restore itself to health - an ability that lessens with time & environmental stressors - by targeting DNA damage, the cause of premature skin aging.