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Leveraging our wide network of partners, we have curated numerous enabling technologies available for licensing and commercialisation across different industries and domains. Enterprises interested in these technology offers and collaborating with partners of complementary technological capabilities can reach out for co-innovation opportunities.

Wearable-Based Consumer Activity Tracking for Eating & Retail
Personalised lifestyle analytics has always been of interest to researchers in domains such as healthcare, where researchers may be interested in understanding whether diabetes can be prevented by providing intervention. In the retail domain, researchers are interested in understanding factors that lead to changes in buying patterns. Our technologies dramatically reduce the human effort in which such data capture and analytics require, by relying on automated, smart sensing carried out by personal devices (such as smartphones and smartwatches). In particular, we utilise the inertial sensors and the embedded camera of a smartwatch to capture an individual’s eating behaviour and diet choices unobtrusively. Similarly, we utilise the inertial and Radio Frequency (RF) sensors on a shopper’s smartphone and/or smartwatch to capture their in-store interactions with different products and build deeper profiles for each individual shopper.Current approaches involve either significantly higher manual effort or more extensive infrastructure deployment. For example, for eating analytics, existing approaches require individuals to manually upload pictures of their diet or enter their eating activities into digital journals. For retail, alternative approaches involve the use of in-store cameras and videos, which have privacy concerns and cannot attach an observed shopping profile to a specific customer. 
Contactless Passive Multifunctional Microsensors – Smallest Sensors in the World
Miniaturized sensors based on glass-coated magnetic microwires (Φ ~ 3-70 µm). Their size, high added value, robustness, multifunctionality, simple production, fast and contactless sensing leads to their utilization as miniaturized sensors with a wide range of applications in industry, IT and medicine.Due to the specific magnetization process, our sensors are sensitive to temperature, stress, magnetic field and any other physical quantities (position, el. current, etc.). Physical principle behind our technology is completely different from classical magnetic sensors, they transform physical quantity into time measurement – easy to digitalize, no interference with voltage noise.
Silver Nanowire (AgNW) for Transparent Conductive Films
This technology presents highly conductive, long silver nanowires (AgNW), a key coating material in the fabrication of conductive and transparent substrates. The incumbent material used in transparent conductive films (TCFs), indium tin oxide (ITO), has been used extensively in touch panel displays, liquid crystal displays, electroluminescent lighting, organic light-emitting diode devices and photovoltaic solar cells. However, ITO-based TCFs faces certain limitations such as the high cost of indium, the need for complicated and expensive vacuum deposition equipment and processes and ITO’s inherent brittleness and tendency to crack, especially when deposited on flexible substrates. Therefore, AgNW is a frontrunner as a replacement for transparent, flexible conductive films.  The company is interested in seeking collaborators from overseas companies, in particular from Germany or France, to jointly participate in the following joint innovation opportunities: Germany-Singapore SME Funding Programme (Submission before 7 Dec 2021) Singapore-France Joint Innovation Project (Submission before 31 Dec 2021)
IP Blockchain Software System
Previous Intellectual Property (IP) management system are centralized in nature and involved the storing of the entire IP asset in its database for subsequent matching and verification when a matching IP is presented. Such centralized databases require huge and ever-increasing storage requirements.  For example, an IP that is 1 Petabyte in file size will require a large centralized database to accommodate.  Further, such IP management systems are exposed to being easily compromised.  A hacker of the IP management system could modify the IP database to insert additional IP Asset, thereby compromising the validity of the IP management system.  There is therefore a need for a method and system for addressing the foregoing problems, which they are using Blockchain to address. Blockchain is one of Bitcoin’s key innovation where it is a publicly available structured database containing all the Bitcoin transactions. Each block within the blockchain includes a digital digest of a transaction as well as the digital digest of the previous block. Any modification of the blockchain can be easily detected due to the change in its digest when computed at a later stage. It is widely believed that the blockchain technology will revolutionized the finance industry.
Tri-State Electrochromic Device - Modulation between Transparent, Color and Mirror
Our technology features a three state optical modulation between transparent, color and mirror appearance of a given surface, primarily on glass substrates. The switching between the three states can be triggered by a small voltage application. The versatile electrochromic device allows user to enjoy outdoor view in transparent state, blocking of sunlight in colored state and reflective finish in mirror state. It can offer additional light management capability compared to the solid state electrochromics. This technology is promising for the optical modulation of building façade and fenestration, in reducing energy consumption for in-door air conditioning, creating interactive visual displays on glass or façade decoration for interior designers to create space and light interaction.
Non-intrusive Energy Disaggregation, Analysis and Equipment Condition Monitoring System
The technology described herein is related to the development of system which monitors the energy consumption of multiple equipment non-intrusively. The system also consists of a data analytics module that uses machine learning algorithm to analyse energy data and enable stakeholders (e.g. building owners, facility managers, home owners) to gain insights into the condition of their equipment. This “Smart” monitoring system offers many potential benefits and features to users, and is a necessary tool for every smart infrastructure that seeks to leverage on technology to simplify system operations and automate laborious duties. The software interacts with Building Management Systems (BMS) by analysing energy data and provides feedback to the BMS to trigger certain events or aggregate system information to assist operators with informed decision-making. Low-cost, non-intrusive hardware, ease of installation and scale-up removes the major hurdles in financial and technical consideration. The ingenious cost-effective approach of using basic energy data to detect and predict equipment behaviours is unique and innovative. The technology provider is seeking for potential collaborators to apply this technology in various applications.
ECG Sensing Solution for Vital Signs Monitoring
This technology provides an electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring solution to accurately measure health performance metrics via electrode-based sensors, chipset and related software analytics. With a sensor chip measuring vital signs of the wearer, the technology utilises intelligent algorithms capable of analysing signals that indicate health performance metrics, such as heart rate variability and stress levels. Technology on offer includes sensors, chipsets, device and analytics. The solution is suitable for wrist-worn wearables, and clothing. Recorded data can be displayed on mobile, web applications and cloud. In comparison with current health tracking devices on the market, this technology provides reference design, SDK and ready to deploy algorithms for developers.
Pulse Diagnostic for Traditional Medicine
Pulse palpation is the main diagnostic method used in Indian, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese medicine. However, mastering pulse diagnosis requires many years of experience. The tech-partner has developed a pulse diagnostic technology for use in device to perform pulse analysis.This technology uses a combination of hardware and software system for performing pulse analysis, and creating an individual rehabilitation program based on naturopathy. It is intended to be used by professionals of traditional medicine and their patient. 
Anti-Nematodes Bioproduct from Fungi Strain
Plant parasitic nematodes are a serious issue in agriculture as it affects productivity and yield of crops. This results in crop loss worth millions of dollars annually. Agrochemical is used heavily to control plant disease. However, the use of these expensive and toxic chemical can lead to contamination and potentially increase the resistance of pest. Biopesticides are biological or biologically-derived agents, usually applied in a similar manner as a chemical pesticide, but are generally more environmentally friendly.This technology uses a fungus strain (Duddingtonia flagrans) which is effective in a natural condition and has proved its high nematophagous activity. It is effective and safe to be used in agriculture for improving soil fertility and control of parasitic nematodes of plants. The tech partner has developed a quick and safe method of production using the fungi strain to obtain the anti-nematodes bioproduct.