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Technology Needs ( Chemicals - Additives )

Seeking Technologies to Improving the Sorting, Separation and Recycling of Composite and Multi-layer Materials

Composite or multi-layer materials are increasingly used in different applications....

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Seeking Effective Ways to Combat Malodours on Surfaces in Household Area

Malodour is defined as an olfactory stimulant that when detected is considered to be offensive to the individual. Common...

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Seeking Expertise or Technology to Create SWCNT Dispersions

Due to their thermal conductivity, mechanical and electrical properties, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are potentially useful in a wide variety of...

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Seeking Alternate Cleaning Technologies

A consumer goods company is seeking novel cleaning technologies to clean fabric, people and living space under resource constrained environment (energy,...

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Seeking Novel Self-cleaning / Liquid Repelling Technologies

While many surface modification treatments can repel water-based liquids, very few can repel oil-based liquids. Materials that can repel oil...

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