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Technology Offers ( Chemicals - Analysis )

Using Chemometrics Algorithm to Rapidly and Accurately Identify Chemical Composition of a Mixture for GC-MS Applications

Current PracticeMass spectrometry is a common analytical technique used to...

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Multiple Porcine Derivatives Test for Halal Verification

Food authenticity and food adulteration is a major concern especially to communities such as the Muslims, Jews, vegetarians and vegans. In...

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Remote Food Quality Indicator

This technology is a breakthrough sensing technology which incorporates the power of fluorescent dye sensors and membrane film technology. Fluorescent dyes are...

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Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases

Early diagnosis of exposure to infectious diseases, preferably before signs and symptoms are apparent, is of utmost importance in order to be able to timely start...

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Semiconductor Material with a Buffer Layer for Improved TeraHertz Radiation Use

This technology presents a novel structure for semiconductor elements comprising a substrate, a buffer layer, an...

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Digital Arsenic Detector

As the arsenic content of wells and water are inconsistent, periodic testing is required. In developed countries, this does not pose a problem as there are available control...

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