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Technology Offers ( Chemicals - Catalysts )

Biocatalytic Liquid Membrane Technology

The combination of liquid membrane permeation with multiphasic biocatalysis provides a sophisticated and profitable concept for continuous bioprocessing....

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Environmental Friendly Oxidation Process for Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

This technology describes a green and environmental-friendly oxidization process which can be used for bleaching...

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Nanotechnology & Surface Modification Materials

This technology presents a method of manufacturing nanoparticles on powder (NPP), which is different from any process that ever existed before. It can...

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High Efficiency Graphene Oxide Catalyst for Oxidative Reactions

Graphene oxide sheets, inexpensively prepared from graphite, have been used in various chemical reactions as catalysts in place of...

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Green and Selective Synthesis of Chiral Compounds

A pair of chemical compounds that are identical to each other in all physical and chemical properties but are mirror images of each other are called...

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Catalyst for Producing Chiral and Conductive Selective Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes

Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) has shown great potentials in various applications attributed to their...

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