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Technology Offers ( Chemicals - Coatings & Paints )

Heatable Fluorinated Coatings

Ice can be a problem in industrial sectors as wind power, aeronautical and construction, among others. Coatings that allow the reduction of ice formation and which in...

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Nanocomposite Coating Lacquer for Agriculture Greenhouse Film

The development of this nanocomposite coating lacquer is aimed to produce an economical agricultural film, which combines long life time,...

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Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Photocatalytic Coating

Many buildings and structures suffer from drastic bacteria, fungus and mould growth and is especially prominent in hot, tropical countries....

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Advanced Thermo-Shielding Window Coating

Existing thermo-shields or infrared absorbers or blockers used on flat and transparent glasses surfaces are outdated, difficult to remove for reapplication,...

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