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Hydrophobic Easy-to-Clean Coating

Easy-to-clean or stay clean coatings are low-maintenance coatings that deliver both stain resistance and easy clean-up. Easy-to-clean coatings are based on...

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Superhydrophobic Surfaces On Polyurethane Coating Layer

Superhydrophobicity or lotus effect is the ability of the surface to repel water completely, with water contact angle close to or higher than...

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Anti-Scratch Coating

From the perspective of materials mechanics, excellent scratch and mar resistance require the topcoat matrices to have high yield strength to prevent matrix fracture....

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Synthetic Zeolites Processed from Rice Husks

Rich husk ash is a rich source of silica and produced by incinerating the byproduct that results from winnowing rice to seperate hull from grain. Widely...

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Trichoderma Viride Strain for Cellulolytic Enzyme Production

This technology relates to a novel strain of Trichoderma viride useful for the production of cellulolytic enzyme complex, for degrading...

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Innovative Clean and Green Fertilizers with High NUE (Nutrient Use Efficiency)

The world today is facing severe and systemic issues with food shortage as a result of a growing population and limited...

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Multi-functional Concrete Additive

This technology is a set and hardening accelerating admixture in powder form that enhances the watertightness, freeze-thaw resistance, resistance to aggressive...

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High-Level Production of Lycopene

The technology involves the development of an Escherichia coli-based modular system for the production of apocarotenoids. Apocarotenoids such as α-, β-ionone and...

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An Electrically Conductive Composite for Organic Electronic Devices

In organic electronics, electrically conductive elements play an essential role as interconnect lines, electrode contacts to the...

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