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Programmable Pressure Activated Floatation Trigger Device

The present invention describes a programmable pressure activated inflation trigger device for a life vest. The device is enclosed in a...

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Piezoelectric Parametric Speaker System

Imagine a set of speakers that can project a narrow beam of sound to a particular target. The beam of sound goes directly to the ears of the intended individual...

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Next-generation Sound Transmission Technologies

In general, humans use two methods to hear sounds: air conduction method and bone conduction method.  In the air conduction method, sound is...

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A Speaker Specially Designed For Speech

Ordinary speaker solutions are designed to create a sweetspot in one particular area, and thus disperse the sound in a narrow beam in one specific area right...

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General Autonomy Controller (GAC)

Despite significant interest and large-scale deployment in major cities, urban bicycle sharing systems suffer drawbacks such as bicycle fleets re-balancing for...

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Researchers at our university have developed a portable self-powered light weight device that can detect current muscle strength and diagnose how fast they fatigue on a real time...

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