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Technology Offers ( Electronics - Lasers, Optics & Photonics )

Microsphere-assisted Super-resolution Optical Microscope

Microscale structure observation and characteristics study are crucial in the investigation and research in a variety of fields such as...

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Label-Free and Real-Time Nanosensor

We have developed a broadband ultra-sensitive infrared (IR) sensor with novel folded gold nanoantenna sensing array on calcium fluoride (CaF2) substrate integrated...

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Flat Optics Technologies for Advanced Photonic Applications

Flat optics is an emerging technology that uses nano-patterned surfaces designed to perform the same functions as bulk optical components....

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Laser-driven Fingers for Dexterous Manipulation in the Micro-world

Dexterous manipulation in the micro-world is a challenging problem due to the limitations in sensing and actuations at the micro-...

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Quantum Converter Technology

Quantum computers will solve certain types of complex problems that are intractable for conventional computers today but of critical importance for society, such as drug...

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Compact Photonics Sensing Solutions and Predictive Maintenance for Harsh Environments

This technology offer is a sensing solution based on photonic sensors combined with advanced machine learning,...

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Quantum-enhanced Transducer Technology

This technology offer is a microscale-sized quantum transducer - essentially a microwave single-photon sensor, capable of remotely and passively measuring low...

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Stand-off Concealed Threat Detection that Saves Lives

Stand-off concealed threat detection, fully automated concealed threat detection solution based on mm-wave radar technology. Detecting concealed...

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Stereo Vision 3D Camera for Navigational Robots

Visual Perception module (3D sensor, depth camera, stereo vision camera) that allows mobile robots to perceive their environment in 3D, localize...

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