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Accurate, Non-invasive, Wearable Solution for Core Body Temperature Measurements

Core body temperature is an important vital sign indicating the health status of a person. This technology offer is a...

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Portable, Smart, Non-contact Imaging-based Water Seepage Detection System

Building inspection prior to the transfer of ownership of commercial or residential properties, typically involves defects...

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Wireless People Counter Sensor with Pyroelectricity Infra-Red (PIR)

This People Counter is a compact wireless Pyroelectricity Infra-Red (PIR) sensor. Recommended to be installed on the ceiling, the...

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Wireless Non-clogging Ultrasonic Diffuser

A Singapore company has developed a diffusing technology for use with liquid active materials, such as essential oils, fragrance oils or water based...

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Social Distancing Monitoring Solutions

Reduce Risk of Coronavirus SpreadCompanies across the world have closed their facilities due to Covid19, and many are looking to establish new safety protocols...

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Short Range Ultrasonic Magnetic Communication

Our technology is an affordable alternative solution to Bluetooth and NFC with additional benefits. It is a short-range (0-15 cm) communication solution...

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Miniaturized Digital Spectrometer for Non-invasive Health Monitoring Consumer Devices

Non-invasive, continuous and accurate health monitoring is a must, to detect early symptoms and prevent possible...

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End-to-end UWB/BLE Based Indoor Location Tracking Solution

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare to streamline their operations and increase...

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A Green and Safe Battery Made From Recycled Nuclear Fuel

A UK company has developed a battery that does not run out. This is by using recycled nuclear waste and it converts radiation energy into...

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