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Flexible and Transparent Graphene Microheater

Microheaters are devices which are capable of rapid localised heating within a micro-scale region. The combination of high response and a compact...

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Flexible Graphene Temperature Sensor

This graphene-based temperature sensor is the ideal thermometer for large area sensing with fast response and low power consumption. Its graphene ultrathin layer...

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Smart Wireless Sensor for Hydroponics Monitoring

This technology features a smart wireless sensor for hydroponics monitoring. Clean eating is gaining traction due to the consumers becoming more health...

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Gut Health Diagnostic Test

Increasing numbers of people are reporting a fairly common, but little-known problem which may contribute to many health problems. It is called increased intestinal...

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Laryngoscope Blade with Adjustable Blade Curvature

The laryngoscopy blade is used to facilitate endotracheal intubation. It is also a lifesaving procedure for obtunded patients who are unable to...

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Smart Vending Machine

Our technology allows you to increase revenue, profitability and return of investment of the vending machine. This solution able to elevate the customer experience, reduce the...

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SMART Alarming Insole System

The common orthopedics surgeries are hip and knee replacement. After surgery, the patient should reduce their plantar pressure by using a walker or walker stick at the...

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Remote Data Acquisition for Failure Analysis With ISGD (Integrated Sensor Gateway for Digitisation)

Monitoring and improving product reliability is a main concern in multi-stage manufacturing...

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Wearable Evasion Device

The system relates to a device used for visually impaired people having a severely reduced sense of vision and thus burdened a lot to carry out safe navigation. The...

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