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Laser Magnetometer

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by electrical currents occurring naturally in the brain....

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Accurate Motion Analysis Solutions based on Wearable Sensors

Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, this technology provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports, Wellness and Healthcare...

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Semiconductor Material with a Buffer Layer for Improved TeraHertz Radiation Use

This technology presents a novel structure for semiconductor elements comprising a substrate, a buffer layer, an...

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Apparel of the Future

The project aims to reduce the amount of time consumers spend finding a matching outfit and to offer retail stores better insight into customer preferences, trending items and co...

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IoT Solutions for Commercial Applications

The hardware being designed and developed is an advanced and complex engineering device utilizing a patented technology. This technology simplifies the...

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Dry Adhesive System for Wearable Devices

The dry adhesion is a type of adhesive that does not use chemical formula. Various mechanisms of adhesion manners exist in nature. Various kinds of adhesives...

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Highly Sensitive and Selective Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Graphene Oxide Gas Sensor

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds that easily vaporises. Along with carbon, they contain...

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Seat Occupancy Detection using Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive sensing solutions are based on interference of objects or people with the electromagnetic field. Most commercial capacitive sensors have...

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Milk Quality Control Using a Fluorescence Detector to Determine Milk Fat Instantaneously

Milk is foremost among the nutritious foods in the food chain due to its numerous health benefits, such as...

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