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Low-Cost Tunable Semiconductor Laser

The present invention describes the use of multi-wavelength laser array (MLA) to construct a low-cost tunable semiconductor laser. The MLA utilized a proprietary...

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Parametric Assistive Hearing Device (PAHD) to enhance listening for hearing impaired and elderly

Hearing problems are among the most common complications which affect the quality of life of the...

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Robust Real-Time Early Warning System for Landslides

The invention is an alternative instrument for monitoring deep-seated landslides based on tilt and soil moisture. The system is composed of a...

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60 GHz Millimeter Wave Multi-Gigabit Connectivity for the Data-Driven Society

In today's data-driven society, the amount of data generated and processed is continually increasing. This, in turn,...

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UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Chipset and the Application Examples

Abstract: Global Interface Technologies Group (GIT Japan and Global Interface Wireless Technologies) is a Global leader in developing...

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Novel Laser-Assisted Chemical Etching of Gallium Nitride (GaN) & Its Application in Vertical LED Fabrication

A new laser assisted wet chemical etching of GaN, a new technique which the chemical...

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BWard: An Optical Approach for Reliable in-situ Early Blood Leakage Detection at Catheter Extraction Points

BWard is a cost and power efficient stand-alone biomedical sensing, monitoring and alerting...

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Powerline based Secure Clock Synchronization Solutions

Clock synchronization and time keeping are crucial in distributed applications like smart city sensor networks, manufacturing systems, data...

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Mixed Reality Technologies (Machine Learning & AI, Hardware, IoT and Software) For Simulation and Training

Tag Team Inc designs and builds Hardware including printed circuit boards (PCBs) / sensors...

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