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Novel Biosensing Platform Delivering Laboratory Quality Analysis in Minutes

We have developed a proprietary analytical platform that combines tiny molecular machines (biosensors) with a compact...

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Fibre Optic Based Cryogenic Monitoring System

To facilitate a safety monitoring system for temperature variation of cryogenic medium, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid nitrogen (N2),...

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Ultralow-power Microcontroller (MCU) With Energy Harvesting Technology

This technology offer is a self-powered MCU which harvests energy directly from the ambient environment to power itself, without...

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Ultralow-Power AI Visual Sensor for Battery Operated & IoT Applications

This technology offer is an always-on artificial intelligence (AI) visual sensor that consumes less than 1 mW of power, and is...

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Wearable Graphene Textile-based Electro-ocular Monitoring System

This technology is a device and method for eye movement-enabled machine interaction with wearable peripherals. It has forehead...

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Ion Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor Sensor (ISFET)

ISFET stands for Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor. ISFET is developed from Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) transistor except there is no gate...

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Micro Quantum Random Number Generation Technology

Most commonly used pseudo random number generators that generate random numbers by defined formulas are exposed to hacking when patterns or cycles are...

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End-to-end Indoor Location Tracking Solution to Streamline Operations in Factories, Warehouses and Hospitals

Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare...

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Heat Management Solution for Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage

During normal operation of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, batteries tend to overheat which would result in a decrease in...

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