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Technology Offers ( Energy - Battery & SuperCapacitor )

Standalone Alternating Current (AC) Batteries and Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier

The technology owner had developed a patented standalone AC battery with a proprietary electrode design that has both the...

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Hierarchical Transactive Energy Management System

Hierarchical Transactive Energy Management System (HTEMS) is proposed not only to promote purchase/sale of energy transactions but also to solve the...

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Cost-Effective Energy Storage Solution for Renewable Energy Application

Renewable energy sources are intermittent, this means that electricity generation using these sources fluctuates. To supply the...

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A Green and Safe Battery Made From Recycled Nuclear Fuel

A UK company has developed a battery that does not run out. This is by using recycled nuclear waste and it converts radiation energy into...

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Highly Effective Thermal Management for Battery Systems

Environmental pollution concerns and high fuel cost is driving the car industry towards Electric Vehicle (EV). Li-ion cell is a common adopted...

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Fuel Cell for Consumer & Medical Electronics

This fuel cell technology fits discretely into consumer and medical electronics. It can recharge in seconds and run off-the-grid for years, as it does not...

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High Power Batteries and Thermal Management Solution

The proposed heat management technology focuses on high power applications (above 2C) that result in battery overheating, which can cause...

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Novel Flow Frame Design for Redox Flow Battery

With the wide deployment of renewable energy harvesting devices, such as solar cells and wind turbines, there is an urgency to develop efficient and...

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Heat Management Solution for Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage

During normal operation of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, batteries tend to overheat which would result in a decrease in...

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