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Technology Offers ( Energy - Fuel Cells )

Smart Underwater Battery Power System for Inspection Remote Underwater Vehicles

Ships coming into docks are required to undergo hull inspections and dock position checks. This task is traditionally...

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High Power Fuel Cell for Portable and Mobility Application

Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity. Due to the lightweight nature of hydrogen, fuel cells are able to provide long endurance...

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Hydrogen-on-Demand (HOD) System for Fuel Cell Portable Power Applications

The lack of hydrogen infrastructure has been the major barrier to fuel cell commercialisation, especially for portable...

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Self-Supported Cobalt Oxide-Based Catalysts

This technology showcases the fabrication of self-supported cobalt oxide-based catalyst beads by a novel gel-casting technique. The cobalt oxide-based...

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Energy Efficient Hydrogen Production via Hybrid Photocatalysis/Electrolysis System

This invention entails a very cost-effective method of producing Hydrogen, which is an important element for clean...

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CO2-derived Nanoparticles for Polymer and Concrete Applications

The overarching issue of greenhouse gas emissions is well known in both scope and consequences. With over 30 billion tonnes of CO2...

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Fuel Cell for Consumer & Medical Electronics

This fuel cell technology fits discretely into consumer and medical electronics. It can recharge in seconds and run off-the-grid for years, as it does not...

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Bifunctional Catalysts For Rechargeable Metal-air Batteries

Metal-air batteries are green power supplies which generate little pollutants and CO2 emission. They are desirable to power electric...

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Composite Of Carbon Encapsulated Sulfur for Lithium Sulfur Battery Application

The lithium-sulfur batteries possess a theoretical specific capacity which is ~10 times as high as lithium-ion batteries...

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