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Technology Offers ( Energy - Fuel Cells )

Hydrogen Accumulator

The technology described herein is related to a hydrogen production and storage system which produces hydrogen by hydrolysis and stores the produced gas until utilization. As the...

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Nanotechnology & Surface Modification Materials

This technology presents a method of manufacturing nanoparticles on powder (NPP), which is different from any process that ever existed before. It can...

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Large-Area Photonic Nanostructure Fabrication Technology

This technology presents a solution-based process to fabricate photonic nanostructures on the surface of a semiconductor, such as silicon,...

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Innovative Manufacturing Technology for High-Quality Multicrystalline Silicon Ingots

To achieve the standard module conversion efficiency of 20% in solar cells, there is a need for extremely high-...

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Self-Supported Cobalt Oxide-Based Catalysts

This technology showcases the fabrication of self-supported cobalt oxide-based catalyst beads by a novel gel-casting technique. The cobalt oxide-based...

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A Bipolar Plate for PEM Fuel Cell Stack

The present invention provides a new design of the bipolar plate for the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) stack.  The new bipolar plate design...

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