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Technology Offers ( Energy - Sensor, Network, Power Conversion, Power Quality & Energy Management )

High Precision Atmospheric Flow Field Optical Measuring Instrument for Meteorological Environment Monitoring

There is physical interaction between the aerosol particles and air turbulence. Atmospheric...

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Self-Sustainable Smart Electrical Current Sensors and Condition Monitors for Smart Safe Cities and Living

This is a groundbreaking proprietary technology on “Self-sustainable Smart Electrical Current...

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Smart Battery Diagnostic Technology

Many battery storage systems are located in unattended or remote sites. Thus, unexpected premature battery failure cannot be discovered easily and accurately...

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Ultra Efficient Hybrid Cooling System for Ultra High Density Data Centres in the Tropics

The technology utilises a dry cooler instead of a cooling tower with computer room air conditioning (CRAC),...

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Gas Turbine Performance Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance System

The technology described herein is related to a performance monitoring and predictive mainenance system particularly for gas...

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Technology to Digitize and Visualize Smell

Our society is now becoming increasingly automated where autonomous machines, artificial intelligence, and robots will perform complex tasks. For this vision...

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Fish Farm Monitoring System

This technology aims to monitor the water quality in real-time to ensure that fishes are farmed in optimal conditions at all time. A prototype system was built to...

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Building Integrated Vertical Wind Power Generation System

The technology provider has developed the next generation of wind power system that exceeds current limitations. Due to global warming and...

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