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Technology Offers ( Energy - Solar )

Green Building Materials

The technologies developed in this category make use of material and deposition process expertise in ceramics, metals and polymers. Some examples of the technologies developed...

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High Quality Silver Quantum Dots

In the field of biotechnology and medicine, quantum dot emission wavelengths are very critical since the natural tissue should not have absorbance and luminescence in...

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Printable Thin Film Solar Cell

Traditional silicon solar cells may have the highest efficiency in conversion of solar energy to electricity compared to other types of solar cells thus far....

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Highly Efficient Coating for Solar Thermal Applications

Solar thermal conversion has become one the leading approaches in concentrating solar power (CSP) systems. It is expected that with suitable...

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Innovative Integrated System to Dry Sewage Sludge

The technology provider which is focused on innovative green technological solutions in the water treatment sector and dehydration processes, has...

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Heat Resistant Coatings for Photothermal Convertors

The technology enables low cost fabrication of solar absorbers that can be utilized to heat water or to generate electricity, depending on the end...

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