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Technology Offers ( Energy - Thermal Power System )

MGA Thermal Energy Storage

Economic storage of energy is now the largest issue facing the renewable energy industry. Batteries are excellent for minute to hour level storage, but lack the capacity for...

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CO2-derived Nanoparticles for Polymer and Concrete Applications

The overarching issue of greenhouse gas emissions is well known in both scope and consequences. With over 30 billion tonnes of CO2...

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Thermal Energy Storage Solution Optimises Cooling With Phase-Change Materials

Data centres and telecommunications sites require reliable and cost-effective cooling solutions as they need to be cooled...

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Suite Containing Innovative AI Models For Industry Application

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), one form of advanced engineering simulation is widely used to...

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Hybridised Photocatalysis-Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation System

In conventional electrolysis, water molecules first dissociate into intermediate ions, namely, negative hydroxyl ions (OH-),...

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Two Phase Stepped Fin Microchannel Heat Sink for Enhanced Heat Transfer and Reduced Pressure Drop

This invention focuses on a technique to stabilize the flow boiling process within the micro/mini...

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Subterranean Thermoelectric Harvester for Smart Farming IoT Devices

This technology offer is a complete subterranean thermoelectric generator system, intended for use in self-powered IoT applications...

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Rounded Corner Oblique-Finned Microchannels for Single-Phase Liquid Cooling

This invention is modified from conventional straight fin microchannels by introducing periodic oblique cuts and rounded...

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Header Design for the Planar Oblique-Finned Heat Sink to Mitigate Flow Migration

A novel inlet and outlet flow header for the planar heat sink with transverse and oblique channels (a.k.a. the oblique-...

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