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Technology Offers ( Energy - Thermal Power System )

Subterranean Thermoelectric Harvester for Smart Farming IoT Devices

This technology offer is a complete subterranean thermoelectric generator system, intended for use in self-powered IoT applications...

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Phase Change Material (PCM) Based Heat Sink with Volumetric Expansion Control

The present invention relates to the assembly of a passive thermal management system, namely a phase change material (PCM...

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Rounded Corner Oblique-Finned Microchannels for Single-Phase Liquid Cooling

This invention is modified from conventional straight fin microchannels by introducing periodic oblique cuts and rounded...

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Hybridised Photocatalysis-Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation System

In conventional electrolysis, water molecules first dissociate into intermediate ions, namely, negative hydroxyl ions (OH-),...

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Header Design for the Planar Oblique-Finned Heat Sink to Mitigate Flow Migration

A novel inlet and outlet flow header for the planar heat sink with transverse and oblique channels (a.k.a. the oblique-...

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Two Phase Stepped Fin Microchannel Heat Sink for Enhanced Heat Transfer and Reduced Pressure Drop

This invention focuses on a technique to stabilize the flow boiling process within the micro/mini...

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Novel Oblique-Finned Microchannels for Two-Phase Heat Transfer

This is an invention modified from the conventional straight-finned microchannels via the introduction of oblique cuts at specific...

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Plastic Heat Sink Made of Polymer Nanocomposite to Prevent Heat Related Failures in Electronic Devices

The invention provides a cost effective injection mouldable plastic heat sink that displays...

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Low Power Flexible Free-Shape Heater

The invention liberates users of heaters from the constraints of fixed shapes and sizes predetermined by the flexible heater manufacturers. Our technology, in...

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