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Technology Offers ( Energy - Thermal System )

Cost Efficient Solution for Local and Regional Distribution and Import of LNG

We have developed a new containment system for LNG which is particularly suitable for medium size LNG carriers. The...

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Nanotechnology & Surface Modification Materials

This technology presents a method of manufacturing nanoparticles on powder (NPP), which is different from any process that ever existed before. It can...

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Universal Transfer System Enables Cost-Efficient LNG Loading

In order to serve the rapidly emerging demand for LNG, new infrastructure needs to be developed. However, today's terminals...

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Hybridised Photocatalysis-Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation System

In conventional electrolysis, water molecules first dissociate into intermediate ions, namely, negative hydroxyl ions (OH-),...

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Ultimate Regenerative Cooling System Requiring No Power Supply

As more integrated, high-performance central processing units (CPUs), large scale integrations (LSIs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs)...

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Micro-scale Combined Heat and Power

The market for domestic, micro-scale combined heat and power (CHP) systems  is expanding rapidly worldwide. The current small and micro-scale CHP offering...

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Wearable Thermoelectric Micro-cooler

To date, a wide variety of devices have been developed to create a suitable environmental conditions to maintain human body temperatures. These...

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Heat Exchangers with High Efficiency

Tubular heat exchangers are widely used in air conditioning, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and...

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