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Technology Offers ( Energy - Wind & Waves )

Materials by Design - Tunable Coatings using Nanotechnology

This technology presents a 'materials by design' approach to develop tunable coatings utilising functionalised nanoparticles. Coatings that...

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Vertical Axis Wind Generator

The technology described herein is related to the development of a vertical axis wind turbine system suitable for applications in regions with limited power access. The...

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Building Integrated Vertical Wind Power Generation System

The technology provider has developed the next generation of wind power system that exceeds current limitations. Due to global warming and...

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Diffuse Energy

We have developed a small wind turbine with twice the output of many comparable competitor models while also being quieter and safer.  This is achieved through the use of a diffuser and...

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Airfoil and Blade for Low Wind Speed Turbine

There are locations with low to moderate wind profiles that can potentially be utilised to convert wind energy to electrical energy. Most commercial...

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