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Technology Offers ( Environment, Clean Air & Water - Biological & Chemical Treatment )

Coating with Odourless Microorganisms to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air-conditioning systems are indispensable for human daily life. Clean air is recognised as an integral component in human health...

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Fast Dissolving Concentrate Tablet for Cost Efficient Hand and Surface Sanitisers

Extensive sanitation needs arising from COVID-19 are adding high costs to both businesses and consumers. Such costs...

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Catalysts for Valorisation of Organic Waste Mixed with Plastic

A significant amount of plastic waste is difficult to recycle due to contamination, mixing with other types of plastic and the use of...

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Odorless On-site Food and Organic Waste-to-Resources Technology

A company has developed a compact and highly efficient on-site solution to convert organic waste into electricity, heat for hot water...

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Microalgae Air Purifier

Harnessing microorganisms, this technology presents a microalgae air purifier for the generation of fresh air while removing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants...

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Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation for Textile Effluents

Environmental pollution is one of the major challenges that the world face today. Our water resources are threatened by contamination from industrial...

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Novel Bioretention System for Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management

In an urban setting, rainwater flows over rooftops and concrete surfaces picking contaminants including bacteria, oil &...

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Hybrid NF-MBR & RO System for High Water Recovery

Reclaimed water is a critical source of water in Singapore and globally. Common practical limit of existing technology based on microfiltration/...

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A Green and Safe Battery Made From Recycled Nuclear Fuel

A UK company has developed a battery that does not run out. This is by using recycled nuclear waste and it converts radiation energy into...

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